I've kissed my sister?

i've kisssed my sister on the lips and in the chest with my tongue when i was about 13 yrs old. She is 3 yrs younger than me. I did it 6 or 7 times. We watched it on the t.v .Now I’m 16. At that time we didn't know that what we were doing was wrong, nobody ever told us that brothers and sisters don't do this and now i realized that it was a very big mistake. By the way my sister and i are very good children. We always obey our parents, do lots of prayers and we never drink or smoke. And now, i feel a bit different from others and also guilty. she still considers me as her brother but i feel like i'm not his brother anymore. Since i've realized my mistakes, I don’t want to look at other girls. there are lots of questions which come into my head and i cannot concentrate on my studies. on top of that i've exams in 3 weeks. I consider me like a criminal. Sometimes suicide came into my head. please give me good advice

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    It was a mistake and you have admitted it to yourself. That means that you will not be doing that again. You had a natural curiosity and you dont' have to suffer the guilt forever. It is bothering you so much then you need to talk to someone older and sincere who won't let you down but advise you. That person must not blackmail you after that. I am glad that you have a conscience.. and the good person inside of you has told you that what you did was wrong. You are a good person and you can trust yourself that you wont be doing that again. I know it!

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    Just let it go man. Lot's of kids who are brother and sister do things like that because they are young and just do not know any different. some brothers and sisters have done a whole lot worse things at that age to and with each other believe me. Yours was mild. Some actually go all the way! imagine how they must feel when they are teenagers like you? Just let it go you did nothing wrong. Unless you were kissing her breasts? and that was OK too since you were so young she had none anyway.

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    You have realized your mistake before it got any worse and that is good. Are you able to talk to anyone about this? Go to God he will help you through this. Please don't commit suicide because that's not the answer. It could leave your sister feeling like it was her fault and I know you don't want that. Beside God will not forgive you for killing yourself. Think about all the people who love you and how hurt they would be if you where not around anymore.

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    forget bout this incident and move on!!!if ur sis does'nt hav any problems 4 wat u did y should u be so worried bout it!!!mistakes happen in life not only with u but with everybody....it could even be worse than ur own mistakes....move on with life and be careful bout this matter!!!make friends hang out enjoy ur life...rather than sulking bout something u were'nt even aware of during ur childhood!!!BE HAPPY AND LOVE UR SISTER LIKE ANY OTHER BROTHER WOULD N PROTECT HER ALWAYS

    be her guide....and leave ur guilt behind !!!forget the past move on to the future..let bygones be bygones!!come on u hav such a beautiful life ahead...LIVE IT 2 THE FULLEST!!!why waste ur time sulking over ur mistakes.....concentrate on ur studies n do well. ALL THE BEST!!!

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    u see,as a child wat u have done was wrong.........

    let bygones be bygones,its all the matter of past.........

    thinking of it now and feeling guilty is all just waste of time............

    i think u should concentrate on ur studies...as u have exams......

    u and and ur sister have done the mistake together....and more over its just a kiss...............i think ur sister has completely forgotten about it.....so its better u too forget!!!!!!

    u cant change ur past naa.............

    remember one thing........its all a smaallll mattter.......and many children in this world of ur age,sometime or the other might have done such silly things..............u r not the first child to do it!!!!!!

    thinking upto the level of sucide is completely a foolish act........this shows that ur mind is completely under the control of devil side...........

    in life we should always take things in a +ve way.............then only u can live happilyy!!!!!

    the more u think of it...........then u can never treat ur sister as a SISTER.....................so........stop thinking of it.......and do concentrate on ur studies......!!!!

    all d best for ur exams!!!!!!

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    like you've said, you both didn't know it before..so now that you know that siblings aren't suppose to do it, you better try not to expose yourself with your sister anymore...temptation is hard to resist...if you don't stop now, incest will be on it's way to your blood...don't shut yourself from other girls coz this might help you to divert your attention and stop looking at your sister in a diff way...be glad that you are able to acknowledge what you feel but don't do anything to make it worse...there's still hope of overcoming this, just be strong..

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    oh thats sad....but the best part is that u r able to accept that it was a mistake....which means that u will never repeat it.....

    dont worry about it.....if u think u will feel better,talk about it to an adult u completely trust and who will never blackmail u about it later....

    dont worry...i know how screwed up u feel...

    be brave....dont even think about suicide...........u r a really good person inside and ur confession makes that obvious...

    about other girls....u have loads of time later on in life to think about that...

    bless u!

    good luck with ur exams!

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    It is ok as overall since you were still kid during that time. The most important is you have realized your mistakes and it is glad to hear that.. dont be too over thinking of that mistake.. :)

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    My Dear Friend

    If you gonna beat yourself up about this thing you will go mad man just talk to your sister

    Tell her how you feel my brother kissed me like that when we were children and it stayed with us all our life but he asked me to forgive him and i did he died a few years ago and if i think what a friend i lost i can just cry don't think about dieing man the world need people who is true to them self's like you

    Stand up and take responsibility for your actions you sound like a good man

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    hey.....dont get too worked up about stuff you did as a child...they say ignorance is bliss but you now realized that it was wrong....dude get over it. its all in the past. There is a whole world out there, and girls. hang out with other girls your age and stop feeling guilty about childhood discoveries!

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