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It's not only the strong, it's only the Evil survive. What do you think?

I think humans praise & look up to all who behave in an evil manner. They are the ones who survive. A few examples:

-The courts system is suppose to be about justice, the truth. But it's really about who has the most money to hire the best lawyer who has the best convincing & lying tongue. They get paid greatly.

-When a guy goes to jail for stealing a car, he's suppose to get his time for the crime. Instead he gets time, gets raped along with recieving Aids, & dies. A death sentence he didn't deserve, the rapists are treated like masters, & the guards who do nothing, like kings, & society doesn't care.

-Your suppose to tell the truth in companies to help better jobs. Instead you get redicule & threatened of being fired the more you talk. The bosses at the top lie to those below who are too voiceful, truthful, & curious to learn, in order to keep power, earn more money.

-Bullies get away with doing bad in school, the smaller & weaker victims get punished.

Plain evil.


Marty K - Thats exactly what I see good people doing right now, and most of the time. Why else do we have, say, nukes?

Update 2:

Maybe we should all just be evil? Or maybe human beings should just be wiped out completely. I'm tired of all of this. Being a good person...I'm wondering if it's really done enough positive things for me. Maybe evil is the way to go.

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    You have cited some excellent examples of injustice.

    However, evil will only flourish when good people become complacent, weak and irresponsible, and fail to do what's necessary to overcome it.

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    Those who play by the rules are the ones who suffer the most, you're right because humans are well meaning COWARDS with no backbone and bend over to the loudest voice. Create an alternative ID and fight back the system.

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    you have to make the proper distinctions between fate and free will. I personally do not believe in pre-destiny, because that would negate our free will. Free will and chance are the factors for all things.

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    You're ABSOLUTELY right about all of this; GREAT observations (and it is too bad that things are that way, sadly enough)!

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