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Should Paris Hilton be "Wanted", dead or alive?

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    Can't imagine anyone wanting her at all.

    Imagine her parents would put up a ransom for her.

  • 4 years ago

    i'm completely at a loss for words as to why all and sundry needs her in any respect! This adoration of people no longer for what they have performed yet for his or her status & funds makes for a ill unusual technology. Why a lot party of superstar? those youthful girls seem as a lot as her.. a lady whom without her households funds might want to be unknown because of her lack of each and every thing! i ask your self when I see her speaking if someone has a hand up her **** operating her mouth. "that's warm??" F*ck off paris and please do not list anymore music. Its heavily a unusual phenomenon it quite is rotting the brains of in the different case promising youthful adolescents like Allee there. i imagine Wendy on South Park suggested it perfect even as she consistently requested the different females "yet WHAT does she do?"

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    I am totally confused as to why anyone wants her at all! This adoration of people not for what they have done but for their status & money makes for a sick strange generation. Why so much celebration of celebrity? These young girls look up to her.. a woman whom without her families money would be unknown because of her lack of everything! I wonder when I see her talking if someone has a hand up her **** working her mouth. "That's hot??" F*ck off paris and please don't record anymore music.

    Its seriously a weird phenomenon that is rotting the brains of otherwise promising young youth like Allee there.

    I think Wendy on South Park said it best when she constantly asked the other girls "but WHAT does she do?"

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    What is wrong with you (and most of you people who have answered this)? Do you even know Paris? I don't mean do you know who the media portrays her to be or who she acts like when the cameras are on. I mean do you really KNOW her? If you don't know her, then just shut up. You can't say **** about someone you don't know.

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  • 1 decade ago

    whats wrong with Paris Hilton that so many people just seems to hate her..

    yea she's squandering her dad's money on her "career".. but her father's not complaining.. and she's true to herself..

    so why does it bother you?..


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    Better alive. Who will be the number one clown in showbiz? Just think, how many people will be unemplyed cuz she has so many lawyers, nannies, strip dancers, alfons,bankers, drivers, and other her ffuckers.

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    For putting others at risk by drinking and driving....yeah wanted yeah!

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    i do not really want her but if she is dead that is ok.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    paris who?

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