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Do you have any platonic opposite sex friends?

I have one. A lot of times there's sexual tension between me and men. It's cool that I have at least one man I have only friendship in mind!

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    Yes, but I think its a rare relationship.

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    Yes I have loads of friends that are girls. they are like my sisters and I get quite protective of them. I also have loads of friend sthat are guys.

    I have several diffeent groups of friends that never meet the other groups. It's nice because if I want a change of scenery I go to one group,and then go back to another group. I am generally a very sociable person but I also dont like the back biting that can crop up, thats why I like to keep them apart.

    Back to answering your question, I have 4 really good girl friends, Gemma, Sally , Jes and Rachel.

    I have pretty much grown up as part of Gemma and Sally's family and consider them both sister's . not that they are I just feel that way about them. Likewise with Jes and Rachel.

    I spent time with them, go out clubbing and just hang out with them together or individually. We can sit cuddled up watching a dvd and there is no sexual tension

    These are my really best girl friends.

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    i have lots of platonic friends its the best way in that ther is no rules just friendship,it should be okay to be in a relationship an still have friends of the oppositte sex how else do we learn to communicate, with other people,its like hugging someone to let them know that you care.

    friendship is sometimes confused with love because usualy when someone cares an loves someone it can be misinterpreted

    as a sex ual thing

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    I, a partner of a married couple, have not made love for nearly 16 year with her. We are a good couple, often go out together and eat out. talk a variety of subjects and etc and etc. So our relation can be defined a simple sexless married couple, but it can be said she is a platonic opposite sex friend.

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    i find it easier to find men friends than female friends ... someone said to me once that men dont make platonic friends with girls they are just ones they havent had sex with yet ! i dont believe that for a second as i have men who are like brothers to me and they think of me as a sister i also find men asking me about stuff to help them in relationships so yes men and women can be mates without it turning sexual

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    what does he think? i do have a platonic relationship with a girl that i went out with almost three years ago. if she said she wanted to have sex today-----i'd say ok. it's just because i'm a guy? no. i like being with this girl, but if its not going to be sexual ----i'm for that just to be able to know her.

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    ya i have guy friends, but me and my best guy friend made out like twice and then were like eww. but sometimes i get jealous of their girlfriends cuz i know how cool they r so i want them to be with chicks that r worth it. and ya i know EXACTLY what tension ur talkin bout. obviously u think the guy is a blast to kick it with so there is gonna be some level of attraction there.

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    yes I do. I'm an A.A. member and have valuable,open fried ships with several female members.You cant go through life with sex as a top three on your life plan if you do your cutting yourself short.

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    Yes I have lots of male friends.

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    I do have platonic male friends...but most I've known since we were kids.

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