about usama bin ladan?

please i want now the actual what happend with usama some them say is died some said now please let me know thank you

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    1 decade ago
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    Rumors know one knowes for sure I think they thought the U.S. would pack and go home if they started it.

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    Two rumors familiar here: cant remember the source. just interesting enough rumors to recall.

    There have been incidents when we have had him in sight via airial recon, also I heard rumor that he was on dialysis about two years ago. In the case where he was allegedly spotted there was no authorization to engage so he got away when the recon drone had to return to base for running out of fuel or whatever reason.

    In the second rumor is the only one I know of wherein it is possible he may already be dead over some sort of health issues and some vaguery of reports that he made need regular dialysis treatments or something.

    Thats all I know aside from the fact that he was supported by the CIA during the Russian-Afghan war and may have been betrayed or left behind when our tactics or policy changed due to people shuffling around in our command offices in the US. This is one way the US certainly tends to make small pockets of enemies.

    Although sometimes the people feel used, usually we just reenforce them to back our own interests. Due process of the way we work, I imagine, perhaps less than whatever level of conscience our operatives may have or not, honor etc. Then indeed perhaps there are incidents where a small rebellious minded man becomes prolific to carry on his war by our support, then suddenly we cut him off to attempt to keep our hands clean.

    We also did this with Saddam when Iran and Iraq went to fight one another. Iran was mounting a most enormous 'Jihad' (sorry muslims out there, but thats what Iran called it). Our people decided at that time it would be best for the rest of the world to back one evil to swat down another. I am not sure what munitions we may or may not have given to Saddam, but it was at least a huge amount of money and at least $10million worth of former soviet equipment to help sustain thier fight against Iran even though Iraq was the initial aggressor of the conflict.

    So morals and honor are totally out the window. Iran has every reason to hate us from thier own view point. Unfortunately it doesnt seem any amount of talking might do too much good, but we can always just hope. Always just play pass the buck and point the finger at the other guy that had the office before him kinda thing here in the US as far as just about anything administratively goes, and definately no lack of that attitude in diplomacy.

    Well, maybe Iran is sick of that crap, and so are a whole lot of other folks.

    Err..sorry about going off on a tangent.

    Osama bin Laden. A fine fighting man and highly respected by us at one time...somewhere along the way something happened that really made him hate us. and I wouldnt doubt any lack of conscience and displayed ethic on our part in action that caused it to happen...still the method he employed against us was unquestionably good enough to justify us all wanting to kill him for a time. But who is to say what is justice anyways? Its a philosophical point. I just know hes not hiding with his calostomy bag or his dialysis machine in my closet. I am also sure that if we were bound and absolutely determined to catch and 'bring him to justice' we could do so within a week or two of concentrated effort just by seeing the technology we have available on the history channel. We can send drones over that record big blank spaces of waste...such as sand and the next day or two when the drone passes on teh same patrol route there are computer programs that can cause alert to something as small as a human footprint in the sand in visual difference. That alone to me gives me the idea that Its asenine also to assert that the president of the United States really cares about catching him.

    In his own words 'he has been marginalized' in this conflict 'the war on terror'. We are all terrorized by the mere implications of continous warfare operations conducted, a scuttling ship known as the United States with its defeciet totalling nearly the rest of the world combined.

    Source(s): off the top of my head, and no proof.
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    I tend to agree with some of the news reporters that said, "if he was dead there would be family out there who would be addressing the courts over his vast holding for their share of his money". So far none have come forth, which leads me to believe he is still very much alive. How alive? I don't know, but if he is as ill as they say it must be barely alive.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It doesnt really matter, dead or not there will always be problems as long as the US occupies other countries in the world and interferes in thier politics

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  • 1 decade ago

    You will know about the same time everyone else knows. Intelligence agencies are chasing their tails on this one. Just one indication of how unprepared we are to contain this 'war on terror'.

  • 1 decade ago

    U cant tell if he is or not..Unless saw it. Bin Ladden Is the most popular person alive..he cant be dead

  • 1 decade ago

    name: osama bin laden... if you searh the net you will find tonns of articles, i am not really following the issue, it got me really mixed up. some do say he is dead, others that he is alive but sick, the truth must be out there :) waay out there:)

  • 1 decade ago

    He does not exist! It's just another drama directed by BUSH! Well done! Good job!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not about Osama Bin Laden, a "war on terror", or "fighting for freedoms". It's REALLY about THIS!...


  • 1 decade ago

    its Osama not Usama, from what I know he's still alive.

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