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anyone can answer but i would prefer open minded or pagan people?

should i go on a vision quest to grow spiritualy and do this for my dedication to my realigion?


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    I have done vision questing---and still do it. But the rite where I dedicated my life to my deities was only done once. It was a very special rite and one that I will never forget. I did a lot of praying for weeks before and meditation to fully understand the commitment that I was making.

    In the end only you will decide the answer to your question. I suggest that you seriously research the word "dedication" and write down exactly what it means to you and why. Then research "vision quest" and write down exactly what that means to you and why. Try to include many different sources such as academic ones (dictionaries, thesauruses), definitions by others you respect, as well as your insights through meditation. These definitions may change over time and could be something to add to your spiritual journal or BOS.

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    A vision quest is a very personal experience, one that involves a great deal of both mental and physical preparation, and a decisioni that , ultimately, only YOU can make foir yourself. It is NOT something to be entered into lightly as the physical hardships can take quite a toll on the body. The self discovery that comes from a vision quest often reveal things in the subconscious that are both enlightening, and devistating. Be prepared, because either way you life will NEVER be the same.

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    Questing can be quite fulfilling as well as exhausting. I usually have a "watcher" on hand when I do this.

    Some deep meditation may serve your purpose.

    Here are a couple links that you may want to check out.

    Blessings )O(

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    If that is the path you have chosen - then do it if you feel you need to.

    I think there are many ways to get a similar experience rather then downing some peyote - but its up to you.

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    Do what you feel you need to do, but I recommend you initially make a quest of correct spelling.

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    Try a guided meditation first.

    They have helped buches for me.... lol

    Though I totaly whent off in another derection and did something I wasn't spoce to do every time. XD

    EDIT - OGA OGA OGA OGA OGA BOOGA or something... nyah! =p

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    sure...if your mind is strong enough.

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