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Need help finding out transmission output shaft speed, and transmission output shaft torque?

Here is the question: Assume a vehicle's engine is producing 300 ft.-lb.of torque at 4,000 RPM. If the vehicle's four-speed manual transmission is in third gear(with ratio 1.5:1) then:

What is the transmission output shaft speed? (In RPM'S)

What is the transmission output shaft torque?

Also could someone explain to me the formula on how to figure this out?


Forgot to say that I'm home schooled and this is a question I'm confused about.

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    According to your example; If the engine is doing 4000 rpm, the output shaft (in 3rd gear @ 1.5:1) will be doing 2666.66 rpm

    4000 divided by 1.5 = 2666.66

    A 1973 mustang toploader has 1ST = 2.78:1

    2ND = 1.93:1

    3RD = 1.36:1

    4TH = 1.00:1

    At 4000 rpm(input) in each gear output shaft rpm will be: 1ST = 1438 rpm

    2ND = 2072 rpm

    3RD = 2941 rpm

    4TH = 4000 rpm

    Working out the torque losses is a lot harder. best way is on a torque dyno.

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    I hv seen at a Powerhouse in Berlin, an auxiliary powerhouse supply Electricity only for the main powerhouse Generator's field. LIkewise Using two or more motors to power one shaft is Possible !

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    Why bother with the math? Go hook it up to the Dyno and u can get the cars total speks... There are alot of veriables that will bunk the math in my experiance but the dyno will give u a dead nuts answer for the entire range. Then u can dial it in t i t s!

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