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guys how to know if they treat everyone like that or if he's acting different to you???

i have a friend i met two months ago..we spend every day together we talk all day long ... i have been in my head saying oh he treats everyone like this..he just wants someone to hang out wiht and he appreciates me for some conversations we he likes me as a friend..i'm so not sure..its like ya it could definitely be more than friends eventually but then i don't want to jump to conclusions cuz i don't know..and i don't want to put my feelings in that way and get hurt so of course im not and i'm enjoying our friendship..but sometiems i just want to do my own thing and he wants to hang out all the time.. i mean he is hot ..and the nicest guy ..actually does what he says he'll do ..not just talk..but to know??...... and then today he started talking you only get the best of me ..the best nights the best laughs the best it was kinda interesting you might say but i dont' know

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    well its a habbit of boys 2 flirt or hang out with girls so be carefull.i think u should fight with him over some issue.if he takes it very emotionally that means he really cares about u and vice versa.afterwards u can tell him all that

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    i think that u should take things slow how it works out as your guys friends....try it for a while n then see wat happens n then u should do sum more than just a me i think that he seems like a playa to me.... but i cant judge sumone without knowing then...u feeel me.....but i dunt have much to say about this but alll im gona say is just give it sum time you probably see the reall side of that guy.... ight gurl...hope everything works out for you.....1

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    this happens all the time.

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