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What word or, phrase do you find yourself always using?

I say "dude" and "hella" a lot...


And, I say "crap in a hat"

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    I use the word "actually" a lot. I didn't actually realize how much I said it until my youngest grandson (2 at the time) started thinking that I talked about his sister "Ashley" all the time. It actually caused a pretty weird and hard-to-understand scene. Actually, I still say it a lot, but now when I catch myself it reminds me about my grandkids. I even actually say "Ashley" instead sometimes to play with them. And it still gets confusing sometimes.

  • 4 years ago

    My sister-in-regulation says "stinkin" each and every of the time. I advise consistently! quite than a swear be conscious i assume, like "i'm so stinkin mad." It drives me insane, yet on each and every occasion she incorporates city and keeps to be with us, i detect myself saying it too!

  • Hanky
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    1 decade ago

    I always say - I'm Sorry. Sometimes I apologize for the most insignificant things.

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    "Well bend me over smack my a** and call me spanky"

    or I say "well **** me" when I mess up or if I mess up really bad its "well **** me harder"

    LOL, i only use those at home though.. I moderate them a little when Im working or in public...! Lol. Have to be considerate of others!

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    "for example" and "dude"...

    you should've placed the question "and why?" right after "What word or, phrase do you find yourself always using?" so people would have longer answers.. hehehe, just saying..

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    well when i'm around others i know a lot the f word keeps coming out . other then that i have no other word i use

  • Anry
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    1 decade ago

    Dude and bro

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    i used to say "oh dear dear dear" "oh dear viagra"(in an east indian accent) a lot in high school because my friend brad who had *sorry for the spelling* tyretts syndrome said it all the time and i loved it but now i say "oh my lanta" a lot

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Shoot yeah"

    "Hell naw"

    "You ain't right"

    "You're a few cards short of a full deck"

    "You're a few sandwiches short of a picnic"

    "You ain't right"

    and my favorite>>>

    "Jade's not in at the moment...pls leave your name and number and a brief message at the beep, and she'll give it to somebody who cares!"...LOL

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    I fart in ur general direction & ur mother was a hampster and ur father smells of elderberries

    Source(s): God love MONTY PYTHON
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