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what are some great ways to meet people besides internet, school and work?

and bars, and clubs---


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    The library, the bookstore, a cafe, your neighborhood, the mall, community service, community theater...

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    Go to where the really cool, open, honest, and sincere people are....volunteering. These people have their thing together and aren't "looking." That way, there's no game playing and anything that starts usually starts with a friendship and progresses from there. Volunteer at an elderly care home, serve meals to homeless people, tutor disadvantaged kids, work at the Special Olympics, man a phone line.....

    You'll also feel a lot better about yourself and realize that you don't need another person to complete're great just as you are. That way, when someone does come along, you can really show your love and caring for that person, and not get tied up in you own drama, Good luck!

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    Sitting In A Park... The Gym... Jogging... In A Cool London Cafe... Walking A Dog... Dancing Class... Town Or City Centre... On A Bus... At The Ice Skating Rink... A Casino...

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    You could try the park, or a fitness center or even the super market, or church or a pet store even. There are a lot of places where you can meet nice people. Like roller skating rinks and ice rinks if you like to skate or you want to learn. There is always someone there that would be glad to put their arm around you and teach you believe me. Or you could try learning golf, or even miniature golf. Those are a few good clean places where you can feel safe meeting people. Good luck on your quest. :)

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    In the Philippines text messaging is also an alternative.

    You can also try to old school of phonepal and penpal.

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    Play a group sport... like golf, bowls, swimming, paintball, hockey basically anything that has a club....

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    sport clubs, home parties, and if u r a little outgoing, the grocery-store would also work :)

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    Arrange for some functions,camps and people will come for manythings if there is some offer or discount!

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    go to bar and disco

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