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wtf is wrong with my girlfriend?

Ive been with my girlfriend for about 2 years and we both see ourselves together in the future but she got back from vacation about a month ago and now says she misses it was thinking of going to live there, She says she loves me, but she says she doesnt want to loose me, We both have good careers here and are well established Now shes thinking of blowing it. Is she still in vacation mode? Or did she cheat on me

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    it is possible that she cheated on you but it is also possible that she just liked not having to do anything and the thought of going to work scares her but talk to her about it i dont think that two ppl should get married if they can't sid down and have an honest convorsation with one another without lying to each other. Cheers partner

    P.S. i just found out that my gf cheated on me while she was away for two months so i am saything that yours did out of bitterness but it is also not highly possible

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    She's sounds like she's in vacation mode, the way to tell is if she just plain doesn't want to work or feels like laying around all the time. Good ways to convince her to come back to earth is to do private research and dump the negatives in front of her. make sure she feels that you've considered her wishes and you just don't think this is what's right for both of you. If she seems to be paying less attention to you and chats on the phone a lot and goes out more often than usual she cheated. It doesn't matter if she's going out with her friends, it's still a sign she cheated because she doesn't want to be around you and feels constricted by a normal relationship.

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    I don't think she necessarily cheated on you, but maybe going on vacation made her realize a few things. Maybe she wants to explore her options more. Let her be open and free, she's aloud to her freedom, you both aren't married. If the relationship was meant to be, than you'll both find one another again. When she finds that happiness and is willing to settle down, she'll know when it's right and won't regret it. Too many times people settle for things because they don't think they can have anymore than what they're inclined on having. I know your feelings come into play because this is a 2 yr. relationship, but maybe coming to a compromise to cool off is the best thing. If she says she loves you and doesn't want to loose you, you have to come to a point where you tell yourself, I'll let her explore more. Be there for her as a friend that loves her also. Or if push comes to shove and you love her that much, make that commitment to do anything for her, if you feel you both are meant to be, and do what she wants, unless she doesn't want to be with you anymore. Like I said, if you both are meant to be, you'll find one another again.

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    Maybe she just wants a change? If the place she went on vacation is back to where she was raised or lived for a long time, maybe she is just stuck in the feel of seeing old friends and family again.

    Perhaps a night out to talk and reason would do you two good. Weigh the pros and cons about moving, and voice all feelings (i.e. being scared of moving, being sad of being left behind.)

    Good luck. Just remember, it's worse to keep things inside and not express yourself or your concerns...get everything out in the open and be honest, understanding, and sincere. Communication is key for any lasting relationship.

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    I'm not sure if she cheated on you, that's a hard one to answer. But i think the reason that she is thinking of packing up and moving is because she might be feeling a bit adventurous... it's a very common thing when your in a relationship to want to get out and have fun, try new things. Have you talked it over with her and determined the real reason for the sudden change? Does she want you to go with her, and if so did you want to go to?

    Peoples lives take unexpected turns and you need to figure out if her life is going in the same direction as hers...

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    sounds like vacation mode. Which doesn't mean she didn't cheat on you. Could be both.

    She sounds like she's going through 'the grass is greener on the other side' phase. Talk to her, and let her know that we all must settle down and work for a living no matter where we reside.

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    Maybe so, If unsure, then confront her on it but don't sound accusatory. Just ask her and tell her that you are worried because of this sudden urge to want to go there. If still unsure then ask her to give you some time to kick it around in your mind before saying you'll go there with her. If you plan on marrying this girl you may want to have her take a lie detector test before marrying her so you'll avoid any more heartache if she did cheat on you. Better to find out before you're married then to come home one night after being married and find another guy in your bed. Best of luck to you.

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    mmm it is weird and wonderful. :( how long have you ever men been mutually? and attempt only placing you dating status as " in a dating" and don't sort in her call. whilst i began relationship my bf a 300 and sixty 5 days in the past I purely positioned " in dating" as my status. facebook and the full international would not would desire to understand who and what i'm doing each and every of the time. you probably did your section and went to her homestead and gave her some area like she needed. you will desire to do some thing candy for her like deliver her a small bouquet of plant existence. only make her sense like your nonetheless into her and despite she's dealing with your there for her. it is going to bypass an prolonged way and particular open up a stronger process communication for you men. yet additionally bear in strategies, your thoughts are significant too, she desires to get her sh** mutually and not purely randomly pull crap like a " break " out of nowhere. stable luck dude ;))))))))

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    She's still in vacation mode.

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    man you already know she did!! Any time a dame says stupidshit to their man, its because they have went out and did something stupid!! Get rid of the dame, and find somebody better!

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