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I added a new hardisk/drive on my computer help please?

Where does it show where I can drag and drop the files I want to store? Example, it's not in "my computer" with the C and D drives.

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    Right click My Computer -> click Manage instead of Properties, at left pane and under Storage click on the Disk Management. at right side of the window which is seperated in further 2 section. The upper section you will find your new hard drive. right click at your new hard drive and select create partition. make the 1st partition as primary and the rest as extended create logical partitions in the extended partition

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    Create a folder on the storage drive and open a window to it. Open a window to the folder that contains the file that you want to store. Right click and hold on the file, drag to the storage window drop select copy here and youre set

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    if you just give me more details I can help you to the end ... I need to know

    1- did you install it already.

    2- if you look in My computer do you see your new drive if not go to the bios page and set the computer to detect the new drive.

    3- what kind of files do you want to store if it is everything in the C drive that means you need to make an image of it.

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    So if you have added a new harddisk follow the sequence as follows such that you will identify the hard disk & then format it so that it can be used to move the datas from cdrive to the new drive.Rightclick Mycomputer------Management---------Disk Management there u will be able to see the new hard disk such that you can customize it to according to your settings & use it.

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    make sure you set the jumper settings on the back of drive to "slave" or "cable select" depending on how the first drive is set up. (if first drive is set to "master" set second to "slave" if first id set to "cable select" set second to "cable select") also make sure you have connected the power cable and IDE cable also make sure you partitioned and formatted the new drive. If using a USB external drive make sure the power cord is plugged in...

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    If you provide me more infomation.Probobly I can give U a better solution.Your question is not clear to me

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    wht do u mean

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