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Well, Guys thanks for all the help but.......(1Week and 6days)?

Well I started Monday the 25th. I guess I was just stressed. I didn't feel like I was stressed, I have been stressed. Anyway I had just stopped going to the gym so maybe that had something to with it.Some body asked me to let you know so If I was I am not but, that okay I would have loved to have had another child.


The ? is maybe stress or not working out cause me to be late?

No, I don't do drugs that!!!( to whoever asked)

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    how is this a quesion?????????

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    Im sorry. Tubes being tied and all, your chances are slim.. but remeber there are always ways! I was the first baby ever born from a reverse vacectomy!

    Good luck

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    Would you like to try again!!!

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    are u on drugs?

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