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what is mass damper in Formula one car?

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    It is an undamped weight ( around 2 kilos per wheel) that is designed to counter the tyre bounce that you see on a modern GP car when, for example, it rides the kerbs. It is a "noise cancelling" system in that it provides an equal and opposite resonance to the tyre flexing. It has nothing to do with the suspension as such but improves the ride height stability of the car over bumps and kerbs.

    In my opinion it has nothing to do with aerodynamic performance although improving the ride height stability in this area is argued as being a "movable aerodynamic aid"

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    The mass damper is a system used in the motor sports composed from a counterbalance that acts on the single-seater rendering it stabler in refrained oscillating towards the bottom, while in acceleration allegerisce the car.

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    A mass damper was introduced/used by Renault in the late 2005 season. Renault then continued to use this "device" though 2006 until they had a commanding lead in both the constuctors and drivers titles, at which point the FIA deemed that it infringed the rules......strange that it went unnoticed for so long!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, Ferrari / F1 / SchMACKER / cheating / etc blah blah blah boring!!!!!!!!!!!

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