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How do you add video content to your Y! 360 page?

I know it's possible, I've seen other people put videos of their favourite songs on their pages, PLEAZE HELP!

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    I usually use

    in one window open your 360 page and go to compose entry for your blog, down at he bottom click on the box that says "show html". in another window go to youtube and search for whatever you want. when you find what you like, over on the upper right side there will be 2 boxes with html "coding" in them, one says url the other says embed. right click on the line of embed coding while it is higlighted. choose copy then go to your blog page, right click in the area where you are composing your blog entry (remember that the show html box has to be checked) after right clicking choose paste. then post your blog entry, when you look at your blog entry like the public sees it you should have the embedded video "screen" just click on it, sometimes twice and the video will load

  • Copy HTML code in or or

    Check box "View HTML.." in Compose window. Paste HTML code.

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