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I've read that Red Clover can help increase fertility in women. Is it ok to take it in capsule form?

I'm just wondering if Red Clover capsules are as effective as making an infusion. If it is best to make an infusion, do I need to make it fresh everyday, or can I make enough of it to last a few days and it still keep its potency? Also, how long does it usually take before you see/feel the benefits of Red Clover? Thanks to everyone who answers.

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    Paste this link to your browser. It will take you to a page with all the stuff Red Clover is good for and in which forms. Do a yahoo search on Red Clover and you will get a ton of info.


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    weight-loss can help your probabilities of being pregnant. enable me ask you something. Are you acquainted with a syndrome referred to as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)? approximately 10% of girls human beings have it yet very few be attentive to approximately it. It reasons extra weight, physique hair, atypical classes, zits.....i.e. all of the relaxing stuff. that's complicated to shed weight once you have this and dropping weight helps deliver your reproductive cycles into stability. If it is you, you ought tot alk on your well being care expert. If not, dropping weight continues to be a stable thought considering you're much less possibly to develop gestational diabetes and your physique can greater advantageous cope with a being pregnant.

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