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How does the pill work exactly in relation to periods?

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    Usually the pill will make your period a lot lighter, shorter, and it will become very regular. It may take a few days for your period to start once you start the fourth week of that months supply (the placebo, or sugar pills as I like to call them), and you may still be on your period when you start the first week of the next months supply. Once you get off of birth control, your cycle may or may not return to normal for quite a while. Everyone's body is different. Some women have really long periods for a few months, some women don't start having normal periods for over a year. Some women's bodies re-coup quickly and they are back to normal in just a few days. And, sadly, sometimes, usually with prolonged use of the pill, infertility can occur.

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    It matters what kind you take. I took orthro tricyclin or however you spell it and it made me crazy. I was emotional all the time. But had friends who really liked it. I personally like yasmin 28. It works well for me. But usually when i took the active pills for 3 weeks everthing was normal. Then into the 4th week usually about 3 days after i stopped taking my active pills i would start my period. usually it lasted about 5 days. The first 2 days is was heavy then light after that. I started taking my active pills on sunday and sometimes i would still be bleeding some but thats normal. i would recomend to start taking the pill on sunday. its alot easier. well good luck.

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    I can't take the pill because it causes he to get pregnant and have miscarriages. WEIRD I KNOW. My doctor couldn't believe it. I guess I have superwoman body against progesterone or something. You take the sugar pills with you get your period... OR.. you can take the bc's the day your period ends. There is enough pills for a 28 day cycle. A lot of women use them to regulate their periods. I find it doesn't regulate mine, but makes me sick as hell and I usually don't get a period or it is very very late.

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