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Where can I watch Korean cuisine+restaurant in International channel broadcasted during 2005?

I love the Korean restaurant shows on International channel in 2005 (now AZN Television). Unfortunately, now they don't broadcast those shows anymore.

The shows were about a group of people with their own talk stage designed with some tables and foods for participatants(???spell check?) at the end of the shows. They would watch around 10 or so best restaurants and their best recipes of Korea (in South Korea). These don't have any subtitle and people often got their mouth watered ( expression) each time watching how the foods were made from each of the selected restaurants chosen for the show.

Anyway, if anyone can tell me where adn how to get any chance to look or watch these shows again...or buying or downloading any Korean cooking, food videos or clips, I'd greatly appreciate that! Thanks,

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    I know there are many Asian cuisines shows on cableTV ..but as you were asking about the 2005. would be better to contact the AZN broadcasting Television Company for the past shows viewed during those year.. they might have copies and you can ask for those depends on the copyrights policy. or anything that goes with their policies of television programs.

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    The show you're talking about is "Cha-ja-ra Mat-it-neun TV" (Find it, Delicious TV) spelled in Korean as 찾아라! 맛있는 TV. Here's the official link on its parent network MBC, it's in Korean however:


    I tried finding some clips on YouTube but only found one:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Also, the link to Korean food videos on youtube:


    I have links to sites in English about Korean food (including great recipes, information, restaurant links and suggestions) that I normally use:



    Hope that helps~!

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