If you hit a diamond with a steel hammer, would it break the diamond or dent the hammer?

Diamonds are very hard, certainly harder than steel but could they stand up to a blow like that? I know they be split by striking them a certain way without alot of force.


Hmmm, your answers inspire me. I think I'll by a cheap lab-grown diamond and try it for myself! I'll let you know!

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    It would probably shatter the diamond and scratch the hammer. Diamond is the hardest substance, so of course it would make a mark on the object used to strike it, but it's brittle as well.

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    FIRST - what is the diamond sitting on?

    the forces are such that the hammer might well press the diamond into the surface where the diamond was resting.

    If not, the most likely occurrence is that the hammer will be dented.

    there is a small probability that the hammer blow will be on a fracture point, which would cause the diamond to split into 1 or more pieces. the diamond will not be crushed.

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    When you are hitting a diamond with a hammer, you have to take into account the momentum of the hammer (Momentum = mass x velocity). mass is roughly the weight of the hammer and velocity is the speed at which it hits the diamond.

    The diamond has zero momentum because it is stationary and therefore its velocity is zero. zero x the mass of the diamond = 0.

    therefore, i should think the hammer blow should crush the diamond.

    In other words, what matters here in not the hardness of the materials involved, but the momentum.

    This just my deduction and it could be wrong.

  • 4 years ago

    Diamonds are shrink via hammers and chisels. in case you hit a diamond on the main appropriate attitude, particular - you may break a diamond as long as you hit it real - on between the planes which will enable or not it is shrink. otherwise, in case you employ a super adequate hammer and adequate rigidity, you may harm any diamond into airborne dirt and dust. even nevertheless diamonds are the toughest everyday certainly occuring merchandise on earth, they're nonetheless not indestructible. Why you will possibly desire harm a efficient diamond to is yet another tale.

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    Give this fellow the Hope diamond and a hammer, but remind him that Mt Rushmore wasn't built in a day. Comes under the heading of "don't try this at home." Wear goggles and keep your mouth shut. That would be "Lucy in the sky with diamond fragments." Not so poetic. Oh well.

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    1 decade ago

    well i guess so but i only thought that diamonds can only be shattered by other diamonds but maybe the force of the hammer can be as stong as a diamond hummph

  • It would cause massive vibration in your arm bones causing your teeth to rattle out, the hammer will become airborne and the diamond will end up in the sky with lucy

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    diamonds cut other diamonds, as far as crushing it's toatally different your right its the force of the blunt blow against the brittle substance

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    I would think the diamond would be crushed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it would break the diamond for some odd reason.

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