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what in your op ion would be the best choice for prostate cancer other than chemo thanks?

no joke answeres please or ill put a mofo on ya

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    This site gives details of cancer, the cancer industry, and some links to natural cures.


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    Surgery of the prostate gland (prostatectomy) is the best choice. If the cancer has been spread to urinary bladder, there will be little benefit from the surgery.

    Please note that I am not a medical professional.

    Please see the webpages for more details on Prostate cancer and Prostatectomy.

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    Honestly. A talk with god, but that's because I'm catholic. Go with what the doctors think is best. Otherwise you can always just not... and possibly die for it. If that's what you want. If you want to live... Take in their advice. Oh, and mortgage your house 5 times... Join the military, get free insurance coverage... and then go to the miost expensive cancer specialist in the country. Seriously, that's what I would do if I could get away with the military not finding out I was sick. No joke.

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    prostatectomy-surgical removal (see my answers, I answered one regarding the erectile dysfunction that follows): in my opinion this is the best option, but then again I'm only worried about not losing my dad to cancer-not the ED

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