What is the best way for defrauded people to connect and gather a case against a company?

Beware of NCO Financial. If you find them on your credit report or a letter in the mail it is probably not legal or valid.

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    You need to present your individual creditor situation to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) so that they can track the information. If they notice a disturbing pattern of complaints with a particular company, they will open a federal investigation to determine the veracity of the claims. If the FTC finds the claims to valid, the FTC will seek legal remedies inclusive of FINES and PENALTIES to force the company to comply with federal laws.

    However, if you are looking to lace your own pocket, you might want to consider present your evidence to a lawyer who specializes in CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS.

    These lawyers will typically specialize in "product liability", but they also have great skills in cases such as these. Please note: Lawyers needs to see a total of six figures plus to pursue class action lawsuit due to the enormous drain it puts on their staff and resources. Just be mindful that you get "pennies on the dollar" because lawyers live to "get your money on your behalf" while carving you a new butt hole, in the process.

    It is the American way.

    Source(s): CPA (who knows that lawyers are hella shady).
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    If you can prove that your allegations are true, you may be able to consult an attourney on weather or not you may wish to release the information to the media in hopes of having other victims contact you in regards to possible class action litigation. Perhaps you can build a website in which they can contact you at. Its easy to do with online tools. In most cases, all it takes is a little time a no money!

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    Class action lawyers should be swimming to you quickly, like sharks to a feeding frenzy.

    Scream a lot and thrash around in the media. They will come.

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    contact your local better business bureau

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