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Why do Repubs Worship Government so much?

Worshipping Big Government power


Seems like to Repubs, no matter what the Govt proposes its AAA OK!

Spying on citizens personal calls, detaining Anyone that Big Govt says is "evil".

Just fine and dandy...

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    Must Obey. Big Brother is Love!

    Plus, their leader follows the old Joseph Goebbles slogan "If you tell a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it"

    Bring in on!

    yer doin' a heckuva job, Bushie.

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    Republicans do not worship government. But it is very important to Republicans that government not be controlled by demoncrats. Republicans love freedom, demoncrats do not. demoncrats are trying to disarm all honest American citizens so that only the criminals, and government representives will have guns. demoncrats are trying to take away your right to practice your religion if you are a Christian. demoncrats think your religion is OK if you are a muslime though. demoncrats will take away your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights if they are ever given the power to do so. bill clinton would have done it if it weren't for the Republican controlled houses when he was president!

    Make no mistake about it, liberal demoncrats are evil and will take away the rights that you have been enjoying as an American. Republicans know this, that is why government is so important to Republicans.

    BTW, where are you from elisiollo? You sound like a muslime from iran or something. Whose side are you on anyway you moron?

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    There are no bills before the House opposing surveillance. All members of Congress that have seen the classified reports support the surveillance act. You can thank aggressive interrogation techniques for stopping a plot to blow up the tallest building in Los Angeles. If you knew anything at all about politics, you would know that Republicans are the party of small localized Government. Republicans advocate minimal government used mainly for defense. Democrats are the party of government control of all aspects of day to day life. Democrats expect government to take care of all our needs, thus surrendering self reliance and competition.

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    Another misinformed Liberal.

    The Republican Party platform is and always has been for deregulation, less government control, more state's powers, less tax burden, less social welfare, leaner and more efficient government.

    Quite the opposite I'm afraid, for the Liberals who want to spend spend spend, tax tax tax. BIG govt programs, government controlling everything.

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    They are weak-minded, insecure and afraid to be alone. The know they are stupid and it scares them.

    They need to flock together as sheep and be led. They feel safe in large groups where everyone is the same. This way they can tell each other how smart they are and get all stimulated hating everyone outside of their nerd fraternity.

    They worship god and the state like a baby worships mommy and daddy. It's just that Conservatives never matured psychologically, socially, or intellectually.

    They are weak and cowardly as individuals, but dangerous as a group. They worship a rape-torture-kill God and they like doing his work.

  • I am a Republican and I don't worship government power, I worship when I attend church. Chances are, if you are not doing anything wrong, the government will not be spying on you. You make it sound like they are watching your every move.

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    With questions like that and some of the answers, I wonder how popular inbreeding among the far left really is.

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    Fear they were wrong. It would destroy their psyche.

    A desparate attempt to 'ignore everything and it will go away.'

    They are waiting for the magic wand, that will fix everything, that does not exist.

    But far, far, too proud and self-righteous to accept that things are not as they ought to be, and that perhaps changes are necessary within their chosen party.

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    I would rather worship our system of government than paris hilton or skill search contestants.

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    Republicans don't worship government. Noone really worships it. But what they DO is put worshipping INTO government.

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