To all open minded christians who belive in logic and reasoning?

The story goes "If I have a servent. And He turns out to be a bad servent. Evil and sin is in his nature. And he does bad things in my house. Like steal stuff ect. But after a time I tell him, that hey, "all that you have done upto this day will be forgiven since i will offer my own son in sacrifice to rid you off all your sins. The sacrifice of my son will pay for your misdeeds." so be happy."

Does this story sound logical. If not, why God in your religon is attributed with such an act. Why does God need to give anything in sacrifice for that matter. He is God right??? the most Powerfull

Dint want to hurt feeling, but only have an open debate. GOD bless

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    I respect Tish's answer. It's just too bad that Christians don't all agree with her.

    I don't have as much of a problem with Christians who believe that the path to heaven is by following Jesus' example of kindness to strangers.

    I do have a problem with Christians who believe that the path to heaven is simply by believing Jesus is their savior. That's the opinion reflected by the initial question above and it's just plain wrong.

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    Some times a parent must lead by example. God is teaching you that His love is real, you can see it, you can judge the depth of His love in that he would do for man what He would not allow Abrham to do for him, sacrifice his son. You need to read Aristotle, father of ancient Greek Logic and Reassoning to understand that some lesson are hard to understand at first. As Aristiotle put it "You can see a word all around you and never take notice of it, and then one day that same word is carved in a building really large and suddenly your can recognize that word everywhere you see it." People did not learn from the lessen of Abrham that God loves man so much that he would never ask man to sacrifice one love for another. They had to see Jesus sacrifice himself, his love for himself, to demonstrate God's love for man, once more. Jesus's sacrifice was a much bigger word, so to speak. Jesus, who christians believe is God on earth sacrificed himself for the people to show His love for the people.

    Logically, the story goes I will forgive you if you learn this time that I am love and so should you be love. You skipped the part about Jesus rising from the dead to be judge over the living and the dead. That gives the story a conclusion as to why this all happened. Eventually, Christians believe they will be judged good or evil and God was just setting a path for them to follow to be considered good. Jesus was that path a path that said love thy God and love one another as you love yourself. The reason for this is simple, God will bring the good unto him and he would like it if that were everyone. I hope this helped.

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    The answer my friend lies in pure humanity. Before Christ civilization was immoral in many ways. Many civilizations belived in many powers. Some still do, but many of us believe in one spiritual basis: a supreme or higher power than ourselves. If you read closely the religous texts, we all believe in the same idea, just in diverse ways. All the stories are found within all of the books; it is merely a matter of presentation and interpretation. Please give this some thought and research and perhaps you will at least respect the conclusions I have made. Send another as I thrive on this stuff!

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    1 word -- PARDON

    the act of pardon doesn't make the pardoned great but the one who render the pardon. God is Love & the essence of love. to pardon us, JC sacrifice himself , tt why when we read a storyof someone sacrifice himself for his family, country & friend we bestow the person as great. tt act of sacrifice is ultimate of language of love which originate from GOd. tt why the measure of the greatness of a man or leader is not his power or wealth achievement but the hearts he touch with his serving, love & care & the ablity to pass the baton on to sucessors who contnue to do great things on earth while he is gone. JC was like tt with the apostles & u can see JC legacy today (the church & christian tt was reproduced) so JC & GOd has set an eg. for us to follow & He has qualify to lead us coz He been thru all of our experiences.

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    Not what I believe the situation is.

    Maybe if you had of said --"If you chose to follow the life that my son has shown you, and learn to be loving and responsible like he is, then I will not count what you have done to hurt me so far because I think that you becoming a more mature person is far more important than stealing stuff." --- then I think that is a better representation of the heart of God.

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    i do no longer push aside the Bible, I in reality see its claims as unfounded. lack of innovations. various its claims are contradictory and by no skill conceivable. loose questioning helps me to cope with all elements of innovations an same way, and favour none. All would nicely be judged on their own reward. I truthfully have known at extremely some claims of the Bible, and positioned it very wanting. If I research the peer comments of a study, i'm also loose to finish an same try, or see the effect of others who do. clinical technique works through ability of duty, testability and innovations, no longer through ability of religion. So, blind following blind isn't an outline of accepting recommendations shown through ability of testable innovations, yet through ability of blindly believing that which isn't. So, i'm loose to finish observations which will validate or refute certain claims of conventional Relativity. What about validating or refuting Biblical claims? So inclusive of blindness? i imagine of even you recognize it really is which.

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    You are taught / interpreted wrongly. In short cut, God created human. Men did wrong things without realising it. Jesus was sent to tell them, show them what they had been doing were wrong . Because of that Jesus was killed. Some realised their wrong doings and found the truth of the life which Jesus had taught . Their belief is called Christianiy and save many men from doing wrong things is called salvation. It is not that you are saved from sin because he died. it is because you understand the truth of the life by his teaching which lead him to be killed. then you are saved ( refrain from doing wrong things) and no more feeling guilty called forgiven.

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    Interesting position... here is where your logic is flawed.

    While the Bible does say that God is Holy, it also says that God is Love... and so you have two sides that would seem to be at odds with each other... but they actually compliment each other very well...

    God's sense of justice is absolute... The wages of sin is Death. If you sin, then your death is required (seems kinda harsh, but hey, we deal with what we have... we can argue about that part later). Since he is God, he can set up the rules like that...

    However... since he loves us... he doesn't actually WANT us to Die. Keep in mind that Hell (the second death) wasn't even created for humans... it was created for the devil and his angels. We got caught up in the mix..

    here then is his dilema: I love my servant, but he has broken the rules... so now he owes this debt... a debt he cannot afford to pay... I'VE GOT IT!!! I'll arrange to cover the debt myself...

    So logically, he can love and demand justice ... here's the kicker... will the servant accept the gift his master has offered... or will that servant be stubborn and end up paying the debt himself??? You decide.

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    It was done to give us all a chance at Heaven

    you see the Jews where the chosen people which left the door closed to the rest of us

    when they denied Him and He died on the Cross for us that opened the Door for us all

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    God is generous beyond anything we could imagine. The servants (as you call them) sinned so greatly that they deserved eternal damnation. God so loved his servants that he took the punishment on himself in the form of his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. That is love. We being created in his image and likeness, sometimes find ourselves forgiving our children out of love rather than giving them the punishment they deserve. That is a God-like love.

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