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I am going camping to a cold place, anu suggestions what I should bring??

Thanx for the feedback. . .if there is any

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    Depending on how cold you mean when you say "cold" it could be a variety of things that you should bring.

    If you mean no snow kind of cold here are some tips. First, make sure that your sleeping bag is the proper sleeping bag. They range in temperature levels. Find one that fits the temp range you will be experiencing. Secondly, make sure that you dress in layers. First, some long johns, then maybe some jeans and if cold enough, jogging pants over that. For tops, go for maybe a t-shirt, then a sweat shirt, then a large sweater over that. Also put on layers of socks. Don't forget a good warm hat. Your feet and head are where you lose the most heat. A good pair of gloves helps as well.

    As for equipment - you shouldn't need anything too special. Again, that is if you are not talking about snow conditions. But having the normal camping gear should do you fine. Also, in your tent, if you have a lantern that you can light a candle in safely - that will really help to warm your tent and keep out moisture. But you MUST make sure that it is the type that you can leave burning. Such as I have in my tent a strap that comes down from the top specifically designed to clip a lantern on. It is far enough down from the ceiling that it won't catch the tent on fire and I also use a fire safe lantern. If your tent is NOT equiped with safety features - by all means DO NOT use a candle in your tent.

    Have fun and stay warm. :-)

  • Think in terms of layers. LOTS of layers. Bring/wear long underwear/thermals -- good to sleep in too.

    How cold, btw? A hat and gloves don't take up much room and can really make a difference in your comfort, especially for the sitting around after dark bit or early mornings before you start hiking again.

    Make sure your socks are long enough -- better protection against ticks and twigs and short ones let plenty of cool air up the trouser leg! Camping/outdoor supply stores will have wool hiking socks in various styles; pricey compared to everyday socks, but not too dear overall and worth the investment.

    In short, try to have two layers (at least) for all your feet, legs and top. and something to cover your hands and head. If you'll be hiking in, use more layers for your top half so you can remove a few as you exercise and add them back later when you cool down again. Something like a lightweight thermal top and/or long-sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt (preferably not too bulky) or wool sweater, fleece and wind/water-proof jacket.

    And don't forget something like cozy thermals to sleep in. Two people in one sleeping bag helps too, if that's an option.

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    Layers of clothes..each layer will trap warm air and have a tendency to keep you warmer than one heavy jacket..a down sleeping bag, made to.accomodate the temp that you need.. wool socks..& gloves. Long johns.Lands End sells silk long johns, both male and female kind, they are super warm...both for day use and another pair along with a knit cap and wool socks to sleep in. Have a great time..

  • sweatshirts and sweatpants and long sleeve shirts, and a pair of long johns wouldn't hurt! and if your tent camping bring lots of extra blankets, heck even if your camping in a camper, i would still bring a few extra blankets cause it gets cold in them too, (we have one) just in case! the most important thing is to have FUN! hope the everything works out! I know what it's like to camp when your cold and it sucks!

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    The most imortant thing is to be prepared or any condition you might experience, Hope for the best, plan for the worst

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    Sweats, gloves, thick socks and a hat you can sleep in. If you keep your extremitites warm (head, hands & feet) you will be more comfortable.

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    a nice sleeping bag and a couple of good thick sweaters

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    you take your sweater,boots.gloves and thick socks.Please take your muffler too. Also take more cookies with you. Have a good time there......

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    Mebbe a cuddly gal. ;)

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