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急救 翻譯英文短篇故事


















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    I sunken ship once again, go into a coma several days, is it have plank to be interdependent to thank to, I am unlikely to be drowned . My cheek that the sunshine shines is sent and permed, I ache and wake up, finding me still alive, after being joyful, I stand up, smell dishes of fragrant smell, I follow fragrant smell walk , find a big I of time of roast frogses, several hunger coming all over the world, I lure when being unable to stand and beautiful, I begin to eat extravagantly. Suddenly, the filial piety that one sound roared , in the face of the scene ahead, I am surprised! A giant appears leading a pet which is similar to the dinosaur in front of me, that pet finds my existence , having sailed for several days on the sea, some day, it is different to appear at sea alikly, one if head of mountain surface, open heavy mouth is it stock to swallow me , a burst of great waves are turbulent, has entered the fish maw, after a burst of communication, I , the farmer introduces me to his family and wishes to take me to see the giants king and queen of the country, he believes this is very helpful to me. One of farmer , frog , eagle , king , in the giant queen, under the circumstances that the giant helps , I see king and queen smoothly, under the circumstances that the farmer waste the comment offered as a gift big and smallly, king and queen sympathize with my experience, and would like to stretch out the assistance, but want me to regard the motherland where their great history propagate me as the condition , King lends the huge hawk which he treasured , sunshine goes all out to defeat water mouth to help me to fly out of huge whale those completely. Again under the it ten strength cooperation of ground, I drive huge hawk leave with fair wind , is it spray water mouth in a flash to fly out ofI see that gaudy male genital unseen for ages again.

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