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I downloaded ubuntu and burn the iso on cd. I tried to install it but it stops at 51% What I do.?

I tried 7 to 8 times some times it stops before the installation begeining and some at 51%. Please help me what I should do.

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    Is it a LIVE CD? If so didi the live cd boot and run on your system.

    Would help to know what kind of system(Pentium 1,2,3 or 4 - Power PC - iMac) and how much RAM.

    If you used a LIVE CD and it would run on your system but now you can't install then you might try the alternate install cd.

    You might try just installing server. Then once logged in you can download and install the gnome or KDE desktop

    at command prompt enter

    sudo aptitude update

    then for gnome

    sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop

    for KDE

    sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop

    when all done

    sudo reboot


    Also - make sure the computer clock is correct when installing and when asked about time zone that the date and time is correct - otherwise it can and will cause problems. Also if you use broadband make sure computer is connected to modem or router when installing.

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