i have a kid that i did not know it was mine until 13 yrs. later. now she wants child support what can i do?

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    You have no order for support from when this kid was born to 13 years later, then she can only collect when and if the judge orders you to pay child support. Some states require a paternity test b4 a child support order can be granted. Hopefully this is something the courts do in the state you live in.

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    This sounds like something that happened to my family a few years back. My Uncle found out that he was the father to 2 twin boys that were 14 yrs. old. He was upset because the mother (his long time ex-girlfriend) didn't tell him and he immediately didn't want to pay child support and he wanted a paternity test done. Unfortunately, the mother to the boys was not a witch and she was hurt by his remarks. She just wanted her boys to know their father and she wasn't asking for anything. She felt horrible for keeping it a secret for so long and not telling. She got a paternity test done, it proved he was the father, and she still doesn't want anything from him.

    It's a long story....but to answer your question......it depends on the state. We don't know the requirements or laws to your state, because you don't provide that. I do say get a paternity test done, just so you can clear the air there, and than go from there. Coming from a background where my father and mother were divorced, he didn't put one i-ota into me and acknowledging me as his daughter (he did have to pay child support though), so for your sake, even if this child is 13 yrs. old, and you find out you're the father, you should take responsibility. Child support goes a long way for single parents, it did for my mom when she was raising me. But than you got those vindictive mothers that are wenches and demand money for their own self, and I know a few of them.

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    Yes, but how much depends on which state you live in if you live in Texas your in luck the court dont take to kindly to that suitation, I know from experience I. I filed for child support for the first time when my daughter was 12 and it took 2 years to settle, he didn,t have to pay any back support because I denied him the right to parent his child and his support order for the 3 years he had to pay was minimal, I do recommend you get to know the child regardless of your resentment toward the mother. Good Luck!

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    A little confusion here...Your name is Angela...you say i have a kid....so I wonder why you didn't know. Now if you are male make sure the child is yours and then do the right thing. Pay child support and become a part of the child's life.

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    Get a DNA test to prove the child is yours. If it is get a court ordered visitation order so that you can see your child and get to know him or her. Why did she keep the child from you for 13 years. Get a lawyer so they can make sure you don't have to pay back child support. If the child is yours love him or her.

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    If it is indeed your child, you must pay child support. However since you had no knowledge of the year prior, you may not be responsible to pay child support in the rears (back child support) depending on your state. see a lawyer.

    Do NOT give her cash. always check or money order. you will need the receipts if things turn nasty later on.

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    Do the right thing . Regardless of you not knowing until now , that is your child. Take a dna test to make sure before you put out any money. If the kid is yours then support him/her . You don't want it to get nasty in court then you might end up spending way more money than if you give it to her on your own. good luck

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    well you know that it is yours

    so talk to a lawyer or ask her why did she keep the child away for so long

    I don't think you should pay for back child support

    but you should have offer to help from the time you find out

    why didn't

    expecially that you have miss 13 years you should be running to offer support not crying that she wants child support

    Go see a Lawyer so you know your right before she takes you to court

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    get a dna test first. if it proves to be yours make payment arrangements. My husband did not do this and is still asking this question after paying back child support for years and the kid is 34 years old and he has never seen him.

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    if you are female how did you NOT know y ou had a kid?

    it depends on each state I know in NV if the child is still under that age of 18 or 21(if full time student) the guardian can petition the court for child support.

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