my immigration status was denied.?

I did not provide all the info requested like police record and physical etc. an appeal was submitted and also denied due to my not showing up in court. i have a 3yr old kid with the woman whom i am not married to. what chance do i have to remain in the country i am a us citizen. can i resubmitt although it was denied after the appeal was launched? how can i apply for permanent residency.


i am not in america i am in another country.

Update 2:

ummmmmmmmmmmm pixie i am not in america! please read the additional details. why would i apply for residency in america if i am a citizen..

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    "i am a us citizen" you say. So why would you apply for permanent residency? I assume this is a mistake. Or is this case not in the USA but somewhere else?

    The status of your child as an American citizen does not help you so long as she is a minor. She can be deported with her parents, or left with relatives or friends, or put into foster care, or adopted out. If one parent is American, the other can -- and often will -- still be barred from the USA for up to ten years for illegal entry, misrepresentation, or simply for having screwed up his own case.

    If the dismissal of the appeal was recent you can probably reopen it for cause. You really need a lawyer and you really need to cooperate with him or her. This case looks not only very expensive to try to fix, but very chancy.

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    I think you should resubmit. I have found that in many government offices, they don't let you get what you're asking for EVER the first time around. Get the other documentation and go for it. I doubt you'll find information on permanent residency here. Look further and you'll find what your looking for.

    A final word of advice: Show up if you have a court date. What do you expect a judge to do if you're not there. It's a waste of the court's time and they HATE that.

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    You're a US Citizen, and are applying for permanent residency? o_O Oookaayyy, I don't think I get it. Why do you need a permanent residency if you already are a citizen?

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    You need to get a Video Camera and tell your story on tape. Write it on paper as well... a very nice document that tells of your situation. Explain how sorry you are that you missed... and tell on tape and on paper how much you love this country and what you are willing to do to be able to stay here and be an american citizen. If you don't get a good reply... Go to your local newstation and tell them your story. TRUST ME. GOOD LUCK.

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    You wasted valuable time, you should have married the girl 3 years ago and then filed for citizenship.

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    1 decade ago

    Appeal and give in the right details this time.

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    Hmmm. Your spelling and grammar aren't perfect and your user name is .. I'm guessing this is a fake question. Immigrants aren't that dumb. Bored teenagers on the other hand ..

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    As an immigrant we have to follow the all rules and regulations of hosting nation.

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    By not following the rules you messed this up for your self

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    1 decade ago

    I am going through similar problems with my daughter.

    sounds like you f***ed this up all by yourself.

    Do yourself a big favor and hire a lawyer.

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