Does anyone know how to find a specific Disney souvenir?

About eight years ago I went to Disney World and purchased a pink cup with Winnie the Pooh on it, they had many characters on different colored cups at the time. The cup has been broken, and I would like to replace it. It is probably 20 oz. made of pink plastic with a picture of Winnie the Pooh on both sides. Does anyone have any idea for locating this other than eBay and contacting Disney, both of which I have tried.

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    there are several sites that you may wish to check:

    1) - disney has everything they sell in their parks on this site.

    2) which is a private site where popularity or rarity of item determines the price (and an 8 yr old winnie the pooh might be real hard to replace, but let's hope)

    3) is another popular selling site of disney collectibles.

    i wish you much luck in your venture/replacement

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    there's a huge type of souvenirs and expenditures. each little thing has a kind. T-shirts will be $12-$50 reckoning on if it really is for a baby, man or woman, and if it has sequins or is one in each of their extra deluxe shirts. you could p.c.. up decrease priced souvies like an antenna ball or a Mickey head cookie cutter for $4. i trust a Mickey ice dice tray is $4.50. Webkinz are $15-$16. I picked up a handbag on sale for $10, initially priced at $20, and they nevertheless had some on the shelf the top of Aug. So, from time to time you'll locate mark-downs, somewhat perfect earlier October's inventory. i realized about the large inventory at the same time as my new camcorder battery shorted out and that i could not get a change. there are various diverse kitchen upload-ons, clothing products, scrapbooking chocolates, Christmas adorns, toys, costumes, outfits, blown glass, collector's pins, mugs, image frames, hats, snow globes, princess each little thing, books, images, earrings, and so on. You get the conception. in case you get to Orlando and favor to purchase previous going into the parks you could flow to Downtown Disney to the biggest Disney shop contained in the international and locate the very similar merchandise and similar expenditures. The best Outlet has a Disney outlet shop said as personality Warehouse that has extra ideal expenditures, and it really isn't any longer far. i have printed a information superhighway website that has a lot of Disney innovations and yet another it somewhat is an fairly busy community with a lot of powerful info. you could study comments of folk's journeys and skim and ask questions. we are FL voters and AP holders. i finished counting my Disney journeys after we moved right here. i'd been 12 circumstances earlier shifting to FL 3 a million/2 years in the past. for the reason that then we've averaged a visit a month. We were there July 4, per week in Aug, and plan to flow next weekend, again in Oct. for our anniversary, the week of Thanksgiving, and for the Disney marathon in Jan. we haven't gotten round to questioning about Dec. yet, yet we are able to. ; )

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    Disneyworld, as well as Disneyland change out their merchandise about every 6 months. So the odds are against you to find the exact same item from Disney. You may be able to find something similar. If you want the same exact item, you're going to have to place a "want it now" posting on ebay or

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    I would take an AD out in Florida where disney land is and see if anyone has the cup for sale or wants to sell you theirs. You mights also want to try other message boards like abc day time or, and Chances are you will cover most of the world for free and get a answer.

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    Go to any Disney Store around you and ask them for the number that you call to find an item from the parks. If this item is still being made you can call them and they will do their best to match your description and ship it to you.

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    Try 1-407-WDISNEY

    ASk them to connect you to the "World of Disney" store in downtown disney, they should be able to help you if the item is still available.

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    Try, cyberattic or ruby / Look under Disney collectibles. They have some really unique items on there. You just might find what your looking for.

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    Ebay has a section for Wanted Items. Put your ad in there and maybe someone will be selling one.

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    go to know the website that can get u disney souveniers~~~

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    R u a Disney Channel fan? Well, I am. It is heaven I tell u. Just log on to................

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