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In fencing, is it an advantage to be left handed?

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    It can be, when dealing with those that don't have a lot of experience since their being used dealing with righthanded opponents will leave them open for attacks that could normally be contered if coming from a right-handed opponent. It is not an easy adjustment for most to make. Thats why I learned to fence with BOTH hands, it come in handy to throw off opponents.

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    There was in the movie Sunshine. The movie is not about fencing, but there are some great fencing scenes in it. Look for the reference, "...when you found out you were left-handed you let yourself be left-handed."

  • Judoka
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    If you are facing a right handed opponent than yes. because you are in a better position to score on his torso. But he will be in a better position to score on you as well. But if most of the training partners your opponent has are right handed he will probably feel awkward facing a south paw.

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    No think about it

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