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Why Western People Think Every Muslim Is Terrorist?

You should not blam islam if a muslim i happened to be the terrorist ,you should compare the islam with the person who Brought this Religeon. he was one who's name is in the top at the Harvle't university london in the list of the most True ,Simpathatic,gentle,and honest man he is declared the best.

I mean Muhammad (P.B.U.H) He never preached islam on the basis of soward although he participated in the holy wars but he commanded them only.

And non muslims gave him the name of "TRUE MAN""NOBLE ""GENTLE"AND "HONEST"

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    It is part of the basic human nature to stereotype. You stereotype western people simultaneously as you say that western people stereotype Muslims as terrorists. I do not mean to sound harsh, but I want you to see how easy this mistake can happen.

    All western people do not see all Muslims as terrorists. I also hope that all Muslims do not see western people as people who see Muslims as terrorists. Is that clear? d:c) I hope you see what I mean.

    I certainly do not think every Muslim is a terrorist. I am a western person. There are passages from your Qu'ran that are difficult for a peace-loving western person to understand. Almost all of the most notorious terrorist acts in the last twenty years have been performed by Muslims.

    Still, that says nothing about any individual Muslim who was not involved. We see 1000's upon 1000's of Muslims chanting in your holy buildings (mosques) "Death to America." We watched Muslims in various countries publicly cheering in huge numbers immediately upon learning of the 9/11 massacre.

    You must understand, the common American is simple folk, just like the common Muslims that we see on television. There's gonna be backlash. People are working hard to remind people that many Muslims think these acts were heinous, and that innocent Muslims were killed on 9/11/01.

    My sympathies are with you. Try to understand and be tolerant as many of us try to understand and be tolerant of the hostile actions of so many of your people. It cuts both ways. Let us work together for peace among our peoples and nations,


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    Some of the basic beliefs that this "peaceful" man brought, were to destroy the infidel. And if Mohammed really did recieve the Quaran from an angel, how did he know it was an angel unless he had heard of christianity, and why would the angel want to have christians destroyed? So either, Mohammed saw a demon, was dilusional, made it up to make himself famous, or christianity, which has records from the time of Moses, is based on the collective imaginations of hundreds of thousands of people, all saying the same thing, throughout the millenia.

    I don't however, hold it against the followers, I feel sad for them. I have many muslim friends, some of them actually helped me in more than one way.

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    Yes, Terrorist is Muslim. They are good muslim, their beleive are base on Al Quran. They are not crazy people, sick people or retard people. Many muslim compare them with the bad people that is totally wrong. Just try to spread the Lie and cover their real face.

    Islam is the only religion that allow violent, full of hate. I am from muslim country and I know how muslim thread other beleiver. To all muslim please stop spread the Lie over the internet like you are peace religion. That is non-sense. Violent and full of hate with other beleiver are opposite way with peace. Also Islam is the only religion that allow man to married more than 3 wife, base on the Al Quran. There are still many of non muslim register as muslim in the muslim country for their own safe. Because Islam do not agree other religion to grow, they hate other religion. There is many muslim country are not allow to have church.

    If Islam dont in Freedom of beleiver, how can they calling themself Peace !!!!! If non muslim think muslim is not violent and full of hate. Just try to live 5 year in muslim country and you will know what I am talking about.

    Also how come if you die for Allah, you will got 72 Virgin (WOW) what kind of sexs religion is that ?.

    Wake up all muslim girl, you are being very discriminating by your own religion. You are not suppose to be lower than man in many way. You are human being. Open your eyes and see outside the box

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    For most people, the ones who made us aware of Islam are those who behave violently in the name of Islam. Therefore that paints the picture of a violent and dangerous culture. The first time I had ever heard of Islam was as a young boy hearing news of plane hijackings and suicide bombings by Muslim extremists.

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    The Islamic Religion is done way differently here in the USA than it is in the Middle-East

    You have laws here that you have to abide by here where you are more free to practice your religion there

    We don't allow a woman to be beat because the Man thinks she has looked upon another man

    We don't allow a man to marry more than one wife

    you see the difference

    now what I have seen and read The Islamic Religion in the Middle-East does preach Hate for those who do not believe the way of a Muslim

    so am I right?

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    Because many westerners watch too much television, and that prevents them from thinking for themelves, and from connecting with God through their hearts. If they did, they would not feel any animosity towards anyone, and would not feel there to be a true division between Christianity and Islam.

    The greed of the politicians and those in power throughout the history was the real reason for wars, whilst insignificant religious differences were used as an excuse to delude the masses and make them to hate and kill each other, for money.

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    I know alot do hate so much..but it is the same with every type of people...some hate and some don't.. its just that we seem to find so much hate on this site....

    we can thank the Media for that..they will concentrate on showing what they know will attract people to watch their show.. if they concentrated on showing only the good aspects of people--not too many people would watch it..i think

    people would rather watch something that shows wrong doing..its more appealing to the average person..don't you think..honestly??

    This gives the average person a way to vent anger & hostility towards other people and they feel like they are justified in their actions..

    BTW: just my opinion--not saying i'm right or wrong.....

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    you're doing what you accuse others of doing. here we've loose speech and anybody can say or have faith what they that this real in Muslim countries..i don't think of so... you may positioned up here which you think of Bush is a terrorist, are you able to positioned up in a Muslim u . s . a . which you think of Bin encumbered and people who persist with him are terrorist..i don't think of so... as long as they positioned up human beings being beheaded on their television, many will proceed to lump all Muslims as in contract considering they don't condemn those heinous acts of barbarism.

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    Anyone who commands and participates in holy wars is not noble, gentle, or honest. Some Muslims today may be peaceful, but Mohammed certainly wasn't.

    Denying his crimes doesn't change the fact that they happened. It only dooms your religion to repeat them.

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    We ALL do not believe that All Muslims are terrorist.Just like All Muslims do not believe All westerners are out to kill them.There are still some free thinking people on both sides left.

    Though many of both our leaders are making those numbers smaller each day.

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