I am going off to college..my little sister is pregnant..my aunt is sick..where will she live?

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    There are many places that have low-income housing. Not projects. My friend got preganant young and left her abusive boyfriend before the baby was born. She lived in a shelter and they found her one of these places. The rent was based directly on your income. She paid $15 dollars/month in rent and paid the electric and phone bill. They factored in that she was single, child care costs, car payments and insurance, food, living expenses, all kinds of stuff. And the place was better than the little apartment I was living in at the time!!!! Check with your local welfare office or pregnancy care center. They should be able to tell you if there are any in your area.

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    Im assuming your sister is under age or unable to live on her own... Even though your aunt is sick can't your sister stay there and help out? Don't you have other relatives? Friends? Where are you going to live? I guess if she can't live with you and she is under 18 she has to go into foster care

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    You have to look out for yourself in the first place, if you have time for help them out do it whitout affecting your studies.

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