what can i do with yahoo 360?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are several modules on the page. Your Profile module includes your nickname: or name and 4 photos, one of which can be the Yahoo animated avatar. Actually have become fond of mine. Then in center is your blog. I have yahoo tool bar and can be at a website and click blog this and instantly the URL is registered in the message, the subject is the WEbsite's name. I usually save some image and add to the message by upload that relates to the site. On your blog page, if you choose any blog entry to be highlighted, you created a running table of contents next to your blog.

    Called BLOG ROLL a place to list your favorite links, as many as you like.

    If you write reviews, these are supposed to appear on your page, after submitted to Yahoo Music, Entertainment etc. So far this has failed for me. Been waitng for weeks and no sign of my reviews. Reviews have to be approved.

    You can list up to 3 RSS Feeds on your page.

    You can create a photo album through FLICKR and have a changing photostream...but honestly, it doesn't change unless I reset in SETTINGS>

    List of several categories of interests.

    Yahoo friends from Messenger, Groups can be invited and small pics.

    There is a cartoon balloon called BLAST, that is translucent and you can put some greeting since it is the top of page.

    From your page, you can access Yahoo LaunchCast radio and music.

    There is a post comments and digilike symbols for mood.

    You do create a new profile seperate from your current yahoo but linked in its own way. This is where the 'nickname' requirement is important because once chosen it becomes part of your yahoo 360 personal URL.

    NO LIVE anything really. I like my page but it has to be maintained. The photostream is manual, the feeds have to be manually updated in SETTINGS.

    Kinda like those movie set towns for westerns, the front of the saloon but you just walk through the doorway into desert. Everything related to the saloon happening is happening somewhere else!

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    I have my poems and pictures on mine. Lists of ideas for a tattoo. Lists of things I plan to buy! RSS feed of my Flickr.com pix. 43 Things RSS feed. You can put a pix on every blog post. I wish you could add audio.

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    state your opinions,,vent,,share photos,,get advice..share who you are..tell about your hobbies or work..share jokes and cartoons..riddles..make friends..keep up with family,,tell stories,, ask questions and veiw comments,,i guess just about anything can be posted on one.

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