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What is a hippie?

Why do some of you connect Liberals of today with the "hippies" of yesterday? They were a group of students who originated in 1958. They were not known drug users but activist agianst war. Why the misconception?


** Hippies were a group of UCSF students against the vietnam war. They are not a political party of today and have not been for several generations. That being said,.. please pardon previous answers.

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    Because they are sheep who hate anything different than them and anyone smarter than them (which includes most people and even some animal species).

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    First you are wrong. Beatniks were part of what was refereed to as the beat generation, primarily in the late fifties. Poets, dissidents, smoke filled coffee houses, think Allen Ginsberg. Drug use was or was not part of this scene depending on which individual you are talking about. Later the Hip generation developed with participants known as Hippies. Hippies were a large assortment of individuals that self identified with the popular music and culture and ran all the way until the early 70s. Flower children, Woodstock, war protesters and drug users were all affectionately known as hippies, some were all of the above. Now, I have no idea what war you are talking about in 1958 or even later years, but the war protests really didn't go into full gear until around late 1966 and continued through Woodstock in 69 and later. These were kids in college, professional agitators and many communists. Depending on your perspective they were all hippies. There were also hippies who did not participate in the war protests and in fact supported the war and the soldiers.

    Not all liberals today are hippies of yesteryear in fact many were not even born than. The situation in colleges is different, many of the drug induced hippies went on to be college professors of today and still drool at the thought of the years in the 60s when they protested. They teach your kids today as a nice thought. Today, many of the hippies are conservatives who saw through the crap of the war protests, some even did drugs back than. Hippies do not fit into your nice little categorization.

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    "Beatniks" were born in the 50's; they begat "Hippies" in the 60's.

    Misconceptions??? Evidently, you didn't read on about the "psychedelic" free pot/acid trip usage days, espicially popular in San Fransciso. It's not hard to find: it was a glaring loud symbol popularized in anti-war rock n roll protest and folk music songs. Call it a hunch, but I think that's why Hippies are often associated with heavy drug use.

    But as with time, Hippies grew out of the drug haze and became Liberals, keeping their fires in politics (some even got elected to public office....wink, wink). And they grew on and had "baby boomer"/yuppie children, that grew into adults in the 80's.

    Let's stop there: THAT decade is something I no longer wish to revisit.

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    And they are different how? Both are activists against the current war and many were activists against the Vietnam War and are using this war as a means to relive the past. Probably blew the dust off the 'ol hash pipe too. You don't honestly expect me to believe that they weren't drug users.

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    Because the Liberals listen to way better music than the Democrats or the Aristocrats or the Pleistocrats :P

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    Me. Free loving, open, honest, knows how to have fun, hates politics even though they seem to gravitate towards it through demonstrations and protests, But all in all they try to be natural(aside from the no thats not me....but for the people in the 60's).

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    Hippies gave us

    1) Drugs

    2) Sexual diseases

    3) Abortion on demand

    4) Hatred of their own country

    5) Pessimism/negativity

    6) Cynicism

    7) Selfishness (spoiled brats in the post-World War II era)

    8) Disastrous welfare programs

    9) At least they liked good rock music

    It was the hippies who took over the Democratic Party in 1972 that created today's modern liberals.

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    You are correct. The Cons wouldn't be able to make the distinction.

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    What, Liberals today are not anti-war activists? Hell, I'm lookin for Cindy Sheehan to burn her bra, actually, no, I really don't need to see that.

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    Peace to you from frogspeaceflower.

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