My Girlfriend had a meeting with a guy at 8PM and they still are not home?

It is not 2:20AM do you think she is cheating on me ?

She talks about this guy a lot and thinks he is really interesting and was very excited to get asked out to a dinner meeting with him when he was in town. I have heard that he has a rep for going after women. He cell phone is ALWAYS on and it was turned off at 11:45PM tonight and only takes messages now. What do you think?


Lots of typos. I meant to say HER phone has been turned off and she NEVER turns off her phone EVER. It is about 2:25AM and she has never stayed out past 11PM and the last message I got from her was at 10PM and she said they were talking with a group of people and drinking martinis

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    coming from a girl.. sorry to say but deep within herself she's doubting your relationship and making open opportunities without throwing you away as for now you are still in her comfort zone. Sorry babe!

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    Actually this could be a test for you, because she wants to know if she is trusted by you! If you don't trust her and you have any doubt then there is no since of being with her?! But your trust and communication with her is what means the most to her the most, so some guy asked her out, doesn't mean she is willing to jump his bones! You will feel bad when nothing happens and you confront her and she is heart broken! Your only stressing over the fact that she is out with a guy, but is she was out with a girl it would be different huh?! I understand because I use to think that way, but not trusting her is not the way to go... give her a chance and if she doesn't tell you about her night then maybe you should try to let her go as soon as possible! Good luck!

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    Well relationships should have trust. do you trust her? if you dont then you should ask why you dont. if she hasnt done anything to make you not trust her then you shouldnt worry. just because this guy is flirty doesnt mean she would go for it if she really loves you. there might be a reason her phone is off, the battery could be dead or something. i wouldnt freak out until youve talked to her. just let her know you were worried rather than have all these assumptions about her cheating. but after you do talk to her, listen to your instinct...its usually always right

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    I'd say that's a good guess. I mean who has dinner meetings at 8pm til as late as 12:00am If I were you I'd either A. find out where they are eating and call the place to see if they are still there or B. Wait up all night til she got home and play 50 questions. You probably should've talked her out of going. Good Luck!!!

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  • I don't like these guys saying "let". But I will say that there are trust issues. It sounds to me like you don't trust her. She could be cheating on you. That is a possibility. But before you assume anything like that, call the place she was supposed to be. Then call the highway patrol, and hospitals. If no sign of her, assume she is doing something wrong, and confront her when you see her. Maybe even find a new girlfriend.

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    Please don't listen to these sneaky b|tches. Dump her aS$ or just date as many women as you can while still seeing her. Don't be some weak aS$ punk, sitting at home waiting for your girlfriend. She's cheating on you and you know it, so go screw a friend of yours then ask your girlfriend to give you a BJ when she gets home. You will feel all better about it after that.

    The phone is off because she's baggin him right now. lol...

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    Why the hell did you let her go? If she's talking about this guy alot, that means that he is interesting. You are going to have to let her go, its going to be hard on you. If you want her you are going to have to make a scene before her involvement with him gets worse. If its already worse, then its too late. You should have kicked him out of the picture, right at the beginning.

    Since you let her go, and she's not back yet, you are going to need to let her go man. Don't show any feelings, act cool when you confront her, but let her go.

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    That does not mean she cheated on you, give her space and do not act jealous maybe her phone died or something,people are quick to say end the relationship, I think you are over-reacting you allowed her to go in the first place so you must have some truast for her.

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    sounds like you have major an earlier question you listed women you slept with....if you have children, they can find this....not good for a father figure.....also breach of confidentiality on the womens part.....get rid of this immediately.....or suit of defimation of character..... Word of yourself for a women you plan on marrying....sexual relationships are actually consumating many marriages have you had then counting these women..........................Looking at your previous questions: YOU have been cheating on her..doesn't have to be physical to betray someone!!!! First problem: you reap what you sow-you having sex out of wedlock will only lead you to problems such as this, you are showing sexual deviant behavior by letting her do this, and by your previous questions-there is counseling for sex addicts, get it!! If you have children, you need to spend time with them, not having sex out of wedlock, what does this teach them!!!! What kind of morals did your parents teach you..... NOT MUCH!! IF you don't change your behavior --you Reap What You Sow!!

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    I think its time to find a new girlfriend. And kick yourself for letting your girlfriend get that close to a guy and if you couldnt stop it then you shouldve left a long time ago.

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