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could someone who knows what there on about help me with this.?

i neather get any sleep ,i was awake about 3 hours ago,i fell asleep and i was in a dream,and in this dream i was asleep in another dream if that makes sense.i woke up (in my dream)and was getting very parranoid,and getting upset in my dream,i looked at the clock and it was about 5 am.i then woke up in to reality and was feeling very bad and upset,i was crying,i dident know what was going on,i looked at my clock and it was about 6.8 am,and now i feel ok from that haif of my brain feels as though its asleep,i carnt remeber properly what i did the last hour.and time is seeming to go very fast 10 mins goes and it feels like it was 2 mins and time seems to be going realy fast.its this normal?as anyone ever experienced something like this before.i realy need your help please.i can feel my brain telling me to get some sleep but i am also feeling wide not insane or anything but iv never experinced this before.i was feeling compleatly fine before i went to sleep.

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    It sounds to me like you suffer from a sleep disorder. I suffer from insomnia, sleep paralysis, and night terrors. I have also had dreams within dreams.

    There is nothing deadly about what you are experiencing, and it is rather common.

    If you see your doctor, he can give you an rx for a low grade sleep med.

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    It sounds like you may be experiencing panic/anxiety attacks due to a sleep disorder.

    Possibly sleep apnea or night terrors or just old-fashioned nightmares.

    Have you experienced ANY trauma lately? Physical or mental? Are things really stressful at home or at work? Has your movie/music/t.v. habits ncluded violence or depravity? The subconscious mind is a powerful thing and never shuts off so if any of those things I mentioned have been a part of your daily regimen, then make the appropriate changes and it probably will clear up on its own.

    If it doesn't, talk to a psychologist before starting any medication, as once you start the drugs that combat those things you describe, they can quickly become habit forming.

    God Bless and thanks for reading.

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    ok, you probably woke up right out of REM sleep, in which you basically are dreaming the most vividly. I have had dreams where I was sleeping and dreaming of something, drempt i woke up and wrote my dream down, and fell back asleep, then i woke up and realized i had to write it down because it was so interesting.

    Now, with the half of your brain still feeling sleepy, don't worry. I don't think that is anything to fret over. Like I said, i believe you woke from the deepest state of dreaming and you still need to wake up. I have felt like that, and time goes fast, but everything will get better in a little bit. Don't worry! *hugs*

    Source(s): my psychology teacher...and my dream
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    Youre still asleep this is all a dream...

    JK its just your brain working on some of the issues goin on around you. you should try to get some more sleep. if it gets bad you should see a sleep dr

    my gran had wierd dreams and it turned out she had a lung infection that was causing decreased O2 in her brain. wish u luck

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    Well, if you were insane, you wouldn't know it... or even care. Taking any medication? Sounds like something drug induced. Prescription or otherwise.

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