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lamest wrestler?

who are the lamest wrestlers to have been in professional wresting?

koko b ware? the bushwackers? honky tonk man?

c'mon...whose your lamest?


so far, so good. but there's gotta be more than this...can't believe no one has said the poet formerly known as leaping lanny poffo. how about the killer b's?

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    Honky Tonk Man,Akeem The African Dream(he was white),Red Rooster,Disco Inferno,Duke The Dumpster,Brother Love,Tugboat,Rick"The Model"Martel,Repo Man,IRS,Doink,Glacier,Big Boss Man ok i'm stopping

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    From the Past: The Bodydonnas, Doink The Clown, Outback Jack(Hyped up big time career sank quickly), The Red Rooster(Low point in Terry Taylor's Career), The Heavenly Bodies, The Sultan( Pre Rikishi days), The Renegade, Disco Inferno, P.N. News, and several others, as far as the current ones go: Chris Masters(boring and horrible mic. skills) The Spirit Squad, Eugene(amusing in the very beginning, very old now)

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    I say Mark Henry and Vince Mcmahon.Cuz Mark Henry let 4 wrestlers get hurt.For a few days,months and some time half of the year.He hurt,Batista(he was hurt almost the half of the year),Lashley(ok he was onley hurt for a few days)and Chris Benoit(and he stil aint back).

    Vince Mcmahon he is a nurd.He always pics on Shawn Micheals and Triple H(other words DgeneratianX) he never picks on other wrestlers example John Cena,Edge,Kane and all of the Smack Down wrestlers.

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  • EDGEand Kirwen White aka Chvo Guerruero

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    The Spirit Squad

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    nicely first and optimal The Miz is the worst wrestler in wwe historic previous... he has absolutly no skills in or out of the hoop... he's not something yet a attractiveness seeker who must be removed from our television gadgets as promptly as conceivable... The storyline of him going undefeated changed into crap...then he went on to featuring diva search for.. sturdy god supply me persistence.Miz changed into somewhat anxious and flubbed his lines, inclusive of calling contestants through the incorrect call. although he looked as if it would get extra ideal because the weeks went on,somewhat, he promptly grew to change into the butt of on-air jokes through different WWE Superstars and deservingly so... yet another in line for the award is the finished Khali... possibly the worst in ring performer contained in the wwe.. he's sluggish,has undesirable strikes and can't entertain a 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous.. he's now in line for a wwe call shot it somewhat is perplexing for me at the same time as youthful skills consisting of Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro try hostile to diminish mid card matches.. If he will change into champ shall we see a number of the worst significant activities in wwe historic previous.. Anothe one, who through no fault of his own has gotta be considered lame is Eugene. Nick Dinsmore who performs this semi retarded wrestler isn't getting any oppurtunity through the wwe it somewhat is a shame because he's an somewhat gifted superstar. He held the ovw call 8 circumstances it somewhat is more beneficial than Cena,CM Punk and Lashley practice... Others contain Umaga,The Highlanders and Kevin Thorn...

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    Renee Dupree

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    Too cool (Scotty 2 hottie & Brian Christopher). The beverly brothers, the mounties, buff bagwell and chuck palumbo.

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    your choices are very good.but one of the lamest wrestlers that i have been the most sick of was that bodydonna bleached blonde homo that tammy(sunny) was shtooping remember how he used to brag about his little teeny body being so great and then the wrestler we all thought was lame 'cause he NEVER won a match beat his ***,and he was such a crybaby he demanded a rematch and got his *** beat again ..for the life of me i can't think of the wrestler's name who beat "bodydonna boy" he never won a match but everybody still liked him.

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    Jeff Jarrett, this crime tyme thing, highlanders, yes honky tonk man, big boss man, undertaker when he suddenly had super powers and so did kane for like 5 minutes. paul bearer. jimmy heart. british bulldog. wow i could go forever.

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