definition of the term Agricultural Products or agroforestry product --whether natural rubber sheet is such?

Industry based on agricultural products/agro forestry based enjoy some tax relief . Tyre industry is based on natural rubber sheets (RSS) processed from natural rubber latex . The question is whether rubber is agroforestry based??The argument against us is this rubbeer sheets are manufactured from agroforestry poduct rubber latex , hence cease to be agroforestry product.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    rubber was once from the rubber tree. It was critical to things like world war II. However amost all rubber now is from the petro chemical industry. Almost no one grows rubber trees any more. Modern rubber is NOT an agroforestry product.

    However any rubber that originated from a tree, reguardless of what form it is in now, is an agroforistry product.

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