I want to restore my computer back to before Christmas of last year but it will only take me back to July I?

Have just recently found out about system restore and my computer was running fast before christmas of last yr. How do I restore it back to then? Do I need to save all of my pics on Kodak and my Itunes and Bearshare songs? Is there some memory I can buy to help it run faster? I have an HP I don't know what version it was given to me second hand by may dad. What do u think I should do?

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    If the date is not listed, you can't go there. You have to learn to set Restore Points manually. If you are using Bearshare, you have a lot of Spyware, which slows down your computer. You are probably better off using Limewire which does not use Spyware.

    You should also backup copies of your songs, pictures and other files you wish to keep on a CD. You can get more memory which will also speed up your computer. Go the the links I have listed below and start cleaning up your hard drive.

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    Hi sexi lexi,

    Okay.. Xmas was quite a while ago. You've downloaded a lot of music, likely installed a bunch of applications... the whole bag. Back before xmas your computer likely didn't have all of the slush to sift through to perform, so it's not really realistic to expect it to perform the same now..but you can at least improve performance. And you don't need to lose your data to do so.

    The suggestion someone offered to defrag your drive (Start Menu>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragment) is a good one, but you should do that *last* as there's no use compacting files you'll eventually delete anyway. I'd suggest Disk Clean first (same file path/section as disk defrag) to clear out your internet cookies, download history/cache, temporary installation folders, etc; to take care of spyware, adware and viruses, well... read this page: http://forums.torrentportal.com/ftopic4683.html

    But this may only nominally improve the situation. See, you're treating your computer like a basement: you download some stuff, enjoy it for a while and it's on to the next thing--nothing wrong with that, except you leave stuff in there, acquire some more stuff, leave it in there...etc. I prefer to treat my computer like a train station; in other words, it's just a resting place for files between one point and the next. From... whatever online server, I downloaded a file (lets say a song). I listen to it, pop my fingers and whatnot and when I'm not really listening to that song every day, it's time for that song to go, so I burn it to disk. Download, play, burn; repeat.

    So my computer performs pretty much as well as it did when I first bought it 5 years ago.

    P.S. My rule of thumb for spending more money on my computer: Only to upgrade. That means only if that purchase enables my computer to do what it *couldn't * do before. Case in point: when I first bought my computer, it had a cd burner. I bought a dvd burner so I could burn dvds. Purchasing parts to try to get a computer to perform as well as it used to has no net gain; at that point, it's a liability...while a true upgrade is an *investment* because opens doors for more opportunities.

    Sorry for being so long-winded; I sincerely wish you good luck. Take care.

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    If you were to use the system restore... you probably will lose files and any other software added after that date. Its a good possibility that the pc is running slow due to low memory space, or spy-ware. So you may want to increase the memory, run your spy-ware programs, do a disk defrag...see if that helps your issue, and if not I honestly would do a SYSTEM RECOVERY on most PCs you press the F10 key when the PC is booting up, and it returns the PC to factory condition (as when it came out the box)

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