Defence against unprovoked nonconsesual ballkicking?

Being kicked in the balls is somewhat rare .I havent been kicked in the balls since high school over 20 years ago That risk or at least perception of risk of getting kicked in the balls is increasing tho with ballkicking threads and some rare woman getting off on it and kicking a man in the balls unprovoked and nonconsensualy ...

we see info about hpw to disarm a knife weilder or hot to get out of a bearhug but outside of slap her beat her etc we dont have ways of protecting our nads execept being quick and perceptive .

Has anyone got any homebrew antiball kicking techniques ?The emphasis should be as nonviolent as practical while preventing the jewels from being damaged .I mean if a woman comes up and does an unproked nonconsensual ball kick i dont want to slap her or punch her but i want to disrupt the attack to my groin first if at all possible. Questions commenets

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    i;m lost. repeat the ques again?

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    I wouldn't use frozen peas you could end up with frost bite, And this is just a guess but if you end up with frost bite around your ice hole that is going to be a painful situation to find yourself in. Fresh peas are just as effective. Also beef jerky as a back up plan, just in case after you kick him in the ice hole you could give him a little jerk to at least make him happy again - the risk then is more frost bite.

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    I think the easiest and most effective method is to simply lift your leg and twist. Know what Im talking about? Like lift your leg bringing it up at the knee, not high, and bring it across your other leg while twisting your hips in the same direction.

    Source(s): Um, having prevented a kick to the balls
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    listen bolounit1! You havent been kicked in the balls in that long?!! Wow you really need it! I would do it TOTALLY UNPROVOKED as you already know!!!! especially to you! there is NO way to disrupt the attack if she wants to do it! Most men would never hit a female and that is their main weakness! that is also what is so great about the whole thing! You also know I get off on it FOR REAL!! there IS more girls like me and I hope one finds you! You cant stop it, especially from a cruel girl like me! I would be very manipulative to you and make you think I wouldnt hurt you, and then kick you as hard and as many times as I could! Hopefully you would pass out from the pain (like other guys i kicked have) and I could finish the job! ( pull your pants off and actually pop your bare balls! I would do it too - I SWEAR TO GOD! I would step on your sack as hard as I could and when your balls were under pressure I would stomp and grind and twist my high heel shoe into your pressurized balls till they ruptured!! I would get wet through my clothes doing that to you! Its guys like you who let girls know you wouldnt slap them or anything that will fall prey to us the most! Every day I dream of kicking guys balls beyond repair!! I LOVE doing it and weak guys like you will get it the most!!!! GOD I would do anything to do that to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • quickly twist your hips sideways bringing your knee over to cover them has worked for me.

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    Move out of the way or if your not quick enough take it like a man and just move on....

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    NO it is not rare, women are cruel by nature.

    Some facts about testicle trauma:

    -It may cause the victim to throw up.

    -It may cause the victim to passout.

    -It may cause “testicular torsion”, by initiating a muscle spasm; this is rare but is a medical emergency, testicular torsion may not happen immediately after the trauma.

    -Testicles move freely and are slippery to avoid trauma, but if the trauma sustained by the testicle is hard enough (50Kg), the testicle will POP(rupture), and then probably must be removed. This is rare, and usually is associated with sport injuries when not wearing a cup. Even when can be repaired, the resulting inflammation will turn most of the contents into permanent damaged material.

    -Even a medium force trauma will cause the destruction of spermatozoa-production cells. It will not cause sterility because those cells are in massive quantities, however those cells do not regenerate, it is permanent damage. And if hit many times or too hard, it may cause infertility, because the sperm count/mobility must be acceptable in order to get a woman pregnant by natural means.

    -Will also reduce spermatozoa production as a result of hormonal changes, one of those changes is testosterone reduction.

    -Erection problems.

    -May damage the epididymis, and that is critical, because sperm must be stored there to gain mobility to be able to swim.

    -May rupture major blood vessels, and draining the scrotum will be needed. Or microscopic veins inside the testicles, this will permanently destroy cells indirectly.

    -In case of very hard trauma, the testicle/s can swell for more than a weak, with resulting excruciating pain and severe damage from prolonged heavy inflammation. The swelling it is similar to mumps, but in the case of mumps it will cause sterility for sure, and the testicles(usually just one) will shrink too, very sad and scary.

    -In some cases may cause the antibodies to start attacking the person own sperm.

    -It may even cause death as result of PAIN, heart will fail right away or will begin to fail(heart beat will became fast and irregular, usually face and lips very white) until finally stops, this is called “neurogenic shock”, and it is not that rare like people think, most of the times the victim is saved because gets medical attention on time, it will need shocks to the heart using the defibrillator!.

    -Among other symptoms, the victim will feel shock/panic/confusion/anger, violated/abused, embarrassment/humiliation; those feelings will be stronger if young; especially if they do not know or never heard about “kicking in the groin”. The victim may seem ok, but will try to hide those feelings. It depends on the person and from the situation. This will lead to Post-Traumatic Stress, the worse symptoms may only reveal a year later! People forget about emotional trauma, but it is the worse, and will not go away like the physical suffering. All men that “like” the fetish called “ballbusting”, have some kind of mental or emotional disorder; and the most common cause for that is because it happened to them in the past, they are psychologically very ill, it may change their life’s completely. The emotional trauma of being assaulted in such a private area, or the physical suffering, or the fact that it is a barbaric act, should be more than enough for girls not to do that; but the sad truth is that the only thing that make some(not all for sure) girls think twice before doing that is the permanent physical damage. It is a form of rape, male rape.

    -Physical violence it is only acceptable if you are trying to defend/escape yourself from someone that is trying to use physical violence on you, and you may only use the necessary violence to ESCAPE harm, escape not to seek revenge. And kicking someone in the groin is only “acceptable” if someone is trying to kill you, or rape you(only extreme EMERGENCIES), not because you are pissed off, and most certainly not for fun like it is most of the times, keep it a fantasy(why you girls don’t tell your Dads what you did, I am sure they will be PROUD of you).

    -Ironically, if someone is trying to kill you or rape you, probably is expecting that defense from you, and so you will not be able to kick him.

    You also have the right to use that defense if you are attacked by a STRANGER, and NO ONE ELSE IS AROUND, you never know his intentions. But you have no right to use that defense if you are attacked by a stranger or not, in a place where are other people around, like in school, or at home with your family, or in a bar, etc.

    -This is becoming too popular, specially in schools, girls get sexually aroused by that!. Women look sweet, but…….they are very mean and cruel by nature, they just try to hide it, it is very sad. Lucky for women men are not very vindictive like women are, and men are not very aggressive towards women like women are towards men, in fact men are very protective towards women. Men do not even hit back after getting kicked in the privates. Men like to see and touch women sexual organs, they do not like to hurt them or to see it happen to women. Women are so much sensitive about their sexual organs and sexuality, but then do that to men and laugh! Laughing at someone that is hit there, will only increase the suffering, and will show that you are very mean and cruel, at least try to keep it to yourself.

    -And nothing happens to those sex offenders because they are women, just one of many double standards and laws that always treat men worse!

    “women justice” is sick, how about if it was the other way around?!!!!!!!

    Girls answers regarding this issue are always disgusting!

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