Tube vs. Boxed enclosures????

I have been reading a lot about bass tubes vs. a regular boxed enclosure. I would think that a tube would give less resistant air movement thus, more bass. A boxed type has to fight inside demensions and corners. Is there a sound difference, if so which might be better?

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    The air mass that's moved by either design only differs to the size of the subwoofer and what size box it's in. Tubes are only used for those situations where space/money might be a factor.

    A sub doesn't care if there are corners in the box or not, it's all pressure. So the shape of the box has little bearing on bass*, it's the size that matters.

    * As long as the box isn't a perfect square or has some sound cancelling features in it's design.

    There is a "magic" formula to follow to prevent these sound anomalies and that is the depth should be 0.7 x width and height 1.4 x width. This arrangement gives the peak performance to any box design. There are exceptions to this rule and that is the constraint of the area the box goes in. It is best to get as close as you can though.

    The big difference is with a tube, there is only one design, a tube. Boxes on the other hand have flavor of options like sealed, ported and bandpass, all having very different outputs. There are also more complicated design structures like T-line, but they tend not to fit easily in a car.

    Form fitting a box to a vehicle is also easier than a tube. This includes securing a tube vs. a box.

    Overall a box is more design friendly and you can pretty much go in any direction with the build (Height, Width or Depth). With a tube...well your pretty much stuck as the length is depicted by the size of the sub for best SQ. Have you ever tried making a tube from wood?

    For more info on boxes (and other tips) go here:

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    "I would think that a tube would give less resistant air movement thus, more bass." There is a problem in your thinking right here the air resistance creates part of the sound. If we wanted less resistance we would not use boxes. Sound waves do not travel by air movement well not exactly. Tubes due create a very smooth sound and are very good for the "musical bass." But, a good tuned ported box will be just as loud and sound just as good. If your going for someone hearing you coming a band pass box will be louder for a greater distance but, the musical quality will be compromised in higher notes. I've used all in my cars and in vehicles I've installed in. Also, sealed boxes can sound great (what I have in my car right now). Though, I'm using the same speakers, amp, etc and the older band pass box was quite a bit louder. Normally ported and band pass boxes are the loudest if you just going to LOUD.

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    Tube Enclosures

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    i dont know how far the basis of this might go because in home theater systems the same the best bass will be found when you put your subwoofer in the corner of the room, also if this were true you would see alot more competition cars bass tube like boxes instead of walls and square boxes, although its not uncommon for your square boxes to have the corners in the port lenghts and the end of the port wall or tube rounded off to reduce port turbulence which can sound like a person with a lisp trying to whistle

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    The pressure will rise in the corners making sound uneven. That is why bass tubes are round.

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    I normally see bazooka tubes in trucks or small areas and thats cause im told that you need good corner loading to provide the best performance.

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    considering you didnt bypass into specifics, i might advise a sealed field for many newcomers. Its lots extra good and extra costly to construct the main appropriate ported field for a given sub. Sealed to examine the manufacturers specifications is what you like and it quite is okay to purchase a pre made field only verify its created from MDF, sealed nicely and has the main appropriate inner quantity for the given sub. Paying $3 hundred+ for under $20 nicely worth of fabric for a field made via an motor vehicle audio shop is laughable.

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