How can they get a Yahoo! ID and password from knowing mine?

My ex-girlfriend knows my Yahoo! ID and password. I'v noticed lately that someone is breaking into my email and reading it. Not saying anything to my current girlfriend, she informs me that someone is breaking into her's as well. I don't even know my current girlfriends password so how can they get her's through my email? I have since then changed my password and have had no more problems with someone breaking in.

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    1 decade ago
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    Good that you managed to change your password!

    Whatever you do from now, DON'T give it out to ANYONE! Not even to your girlfriend or mother or dad or brother or ANYONE!

    Your current girlfriend should do the same.

    Your ex-girlfriend may be the culprit in your case, as you suspect.

    What may have happened in your current girlfriend's case could be one of 2 things:

    (a) your ex-gf found out your current-gf's email address from your email account and managed to trace her User address (i.e. the PC she uses) and then hacked into it, or used spyware to access it


    (b) your current-gf was careless and did not logout from her email, either on her PC or at another PC, which left her PC open to similar attack as in (a), either by your ex-gf or by someone else.

    But without any clear proof that your ex-gf did something of this sort, I wouldn't go accusing her of anything. It could be someone she knows who managed to access your email and did the dark deed.

    Or it could even be that you or your current-gf was careless and did not logout from a PC that was accessed by others. A very common bad habit. Which means your ex-gf may have nothing to do with this.

    Just change your passwords and don't tell anyone.

    Good luck!

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    If there is a few one else logged onto your account, there isn't something you're able to do to get them off, till you're on a similar place and manually, sign off. it quite is precisely the clarification why it is so significant which you in no way use those "bear in strategies my identity" links, and which you will desire to sign out thoroughly out of your account via employing the "sign out" hyperlink on the ideal left of the mail reveal. Sorry ...

  • Anonymous
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    You can get to know any-ones e-mail address with

    1. Or, profile of a person by using users name.



    from the above can get useful information.

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    you are probable a victim of phishing. someone has planted (you probably downloaded or opened a file) a phishing bug into your system and tracked your keystrokes to steal your id and passwords.

    download anti-phishing sw, firewall (zone alarm) to protect your pc.

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