My 84 Sportster rpm is to high@ 60 do I need bigger tooht sprocket on it?

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    I had a 81 with the same problem.I put a bigger sprocket on front.The power was not hurt the rpms were brought can use a 21 22 or a 23 tooth sprocket on the can get a 47 48 or a 49 tooth for the rear.bigger on front smaller on rear will reduce rpms.each tooth will reduce approx 250 rpm.Call this toll free number to Jireh cycles and request a free catalog .It will have every kind of harley part at wholesale prices.You will find no one cheaper than these people.I use them a lot

  • A sprocket with a few more teeth wouldn't hurt, although tour takeoffs would be slightly slower, providing less low end torque. But my 79 650 has 4 more teeth on the rear sprocket, and chaged my 4000rpm run from 52mph to 65mph.

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    you need a smaller rear sprocket or a larger front sprocket. Only go 1 tooth larger on the front. This is the cheaper option as the sprocket is cheaper and your chain should still fit.

  • bill b
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    1 decade ago

    go to and requst their catalog.order a bigger sprocket for the front,this will give you better top end speed at less rpm.i had to do this on my 1975 sporty.the 4 speed trans has always had this probem,it always feels like you need to shift one more time.A sportster has enough bottom end zip that it will not affect it enough to matter.Good Luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can put a 1-2 tooth larer front sproket on . this will lower RPMs at cruising ,but will rob some of your 'out of the hole speed.

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