have a friend who's a homosexual, but doesn't want to b, cozit's wrong in his religion. how to help?

like every religion, his faith prohibits with 1 being a homosexual person. but he cant help it. every night, he prays for his life to be taken as soon as possible he wont do anything that might resulting in him being placed in Hell..he doesnt want to b a sinner, but he cant help having feelings toward guys... how can i help him? btw, im a girl, same age as he is (20 y/o),. just in case this info helps?

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    Every religion does not condemn homosexuality.

    He may find comfort in a Unitarian church.

    He is gay, there is nothing wrong with him.

    Blessings )O(

    I have included this prayer for your friend.

    Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement Prayer

    God, whose love and compassion extends to all without distinction of sex or sexuality

    We offer you our lives and experiences as gay men, bisexuals and lesbian women

    Help us to play our special part in your work of redeeming love for all people

    Give us strength to carry your love into a world that may reject or ignore us

    May we journey with Christ in faith and truth and justice trusting in your eternal love

    We remember in prayer,

    The Church - that your concern for love, justice and freedom may be honoured by the community of faith

    Lesbians and gay men throughout the world, especially those facing hatred, injustice or imprisonment; the lonely, isolated and confused; the poor and hungry; the elderly, the sick and bereaved; that they may know themselves to be acceptable and accepted

    Those we love, especially our partners, our parents, our families and friends, that our love may be a reflection of your creation

    Those who seek to hurt us, that their hearts may be changed

    Ourselves - that we may be ready to respond in love to the needs of our gay brothers and sisters and all your creation

    Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer

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    Wow that must be tough on him. It is true that many churches are accepting of gays. He is going to have to find a way to accept himself, and to let go of the whole idea of homosexuality as sin. If I were you, I would search out some info online or in your community (if you live in an urban enough area) and find some support for him. Many churches offer counseling. And I don't know what they are, but I'm sure that there are national Gay Pride organizations or whatnot that could give both of you some support. He is lucky to have such a good friend as you. Oh, I was raised a Unitarian, and while I no longer attend, I do know that they are very open to and involved with the gay community.

    Found something, here you go: http://www.pflag.org/ (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. I'm sure they can help both you and your friend.)

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    I'll never understand why I hear so much about gay people wanting to kill theirselves.Yes it is true that God is against homosexuality,like every other sin.God has delivered me from alcohol abuse and 3 packs of cigarettes a day,almost 20 years ago. he delivered me from more than I care to remember.And guess what--every now and then I still roar within myself for a drink.I could never convict your friend for his sins any more than mine.Now listen here friend God loves you and He wants you to be free,but not depressed.Don't you think I would worry myself to death about falling back and disappointing God if I let myself.All I did was come to him in prayer and confess my sins and asked Him to forgive me.I went to church and tried to fill all my time with good and wholesome things.Lay your concerns at the feet of Jesus.Ask Him to be your strength and don't look back.It't not always easy and not always happy but I know when I die I'm going to be with Him even though I'm not always perfect.If your heart is to be with God more than anything else ,you will at the very least have peace.I wouldn't want to lose one of my children because they were afraid they couldn't make the walk.I'd say just lean on me,I won't judge you,I just help you walk.God bless you and fill you with peace and joy and the strength just to know you're human.I'm calling you Buddy when I pray for you.

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    What do you mean: "like every religion"? Most religions don't prohibit loving, compassionate relationships between two people of the same gender.

    What religion is he? Jesus believed in love, in unconditional love, Love your neighbor -- Love your enemy. Jesus never spoke against homosexuality. Perhaps he should examine his religion more closely and make sure he is not just blindly accepting someone else's opinion.

    You might want to suggest to him, the book:

    Get Unstuck from Fundamentalism: A Spiritual Journey

    by Robert Parson Crosby

    Source(s): check at www.getunstuck.org
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    I hate to say this, but if the "religion" that your talking about is Christianity, then I'm afraid that the thing is, is that he isn't truly repenting from his sins and truly putting his faith and trust in Christ. My advice is, show him God's law, by doing so, you will show him all of his sins not just his homosexuality. As a result you will show him that he is damned regardless of his perversion, and he will finally see his real and dire need of the Savior and God's mercy and grace.

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    As for his feeling there is nothing you can do But be there as his friend when he need someone to talk too My Kid Brother is gay and faces the same He has a female who is not gay but she is his someone he talk too Someone who is there to listen don't have all the answers Just be there when he need a friend That the best you can do for He has to chose his faith or his lifestyle

    no one but him can do that Hope this helps you also talk him what he feel he should do about his feeling and what he thinks is right be there Time Will comes when he'll he will someone to talk to or just listen

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    As an Atheist and a Psychology major I approve of the autonomy of someone wanting to change their desires. I'm not saying homosexuality is maladaptive or what not, but I'm not going to come and lie here like the gay community does when they say it is genetic. There is no evidence for it being genetic (it could be womb environment), so we can't say it is that way. Give him this website:

    http://www.narth.com Some top researchers like the man that took homosexuality out as a mental disorder now believes change is possible in at least some individuals. Good luck.

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    No, not "every religion" does prohibit homosexuality. This is the reason I've grown to despise Christianity....this is what it does. You could start by telling your friend that religion is all a bunch of crap and there's not a damn thing wrong with him!

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    Poor soul!! He seems really affected by this. I think firstly he should calm down. God is not some evil kid who will just punish for the sake of punishing. God does not wish to burden the people who want to follow his path.

    Your friend should calm down firstly. Then focus on other parts of his life, studying, business, friends.

    But also to be patient, and to ask god to help him. Please note, the key word is be patient. God loves the patient ones and they are rewarded greatly.

    I really do feel for him. I think your a great friend to support him. Keep an eye on him tho, we dont want any sucides.

    And tell him another thing, people who take 1 step towards god, god will take 10 steps towards them!! He is being brave and facing it, and even praying to god about this, and that is takin way more then 1 step towards god.

    I know some people might find me "anti-homo" etc, But im not like that. I personally think homosexuality is a result of bad society, bad upbringing, and some kind of error in the bringing up. But the person itself, is all normal.

    Best of luck !

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    well the rate of sucide in gay young people is very high...This isn't a choice of his to be gay...it's just his lot in life...the more he trys to deny it...the more awful he's going to feel....I personally don't think he could go to hell for loving someone...for killing someone maybe..but for loving --no way. Watch him for signs that he's becoming more depressed. In fact if you can get him to go for medical help maybe you should...not to cure his homosexuality but to at least prevent him from becoming suicidal...which is what I see ahead for him if something doesn't change....I've been there...be a friend ---help him.

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