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St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans only. Do you think the Cardinals will make playoffs? How far? 07 changes/?

Do you think the Cards. will make it to the post season? If so, how far? What player changes would you like to see made for the 2007 team? Dump whom? Trade who for who? (realistic trades only) What do you think the starting line up might be? Should the Cardinals keep LaRussa as manager? Answer as much as you can. The more the better. Thanks

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    Im not sure they will make it after the way they have played this past week, however, if they do they will lose in the first round of the playoffs. For 2007, they need some major pitching changes, especially a good closer. I doubt any great trades will happen with all the 'no trade' clauses in contracts these days so the Free Agent market may be the best way to obtain what they need. Belliard, Isringhausen, Encarnacion, Marquis, and Weaver need to go. I think that Edmonds will retire. Duncan deserves a full time starting position next season and , outside of Pujols has been the most consistant this year. LaRussa is a decent manager, but not the greatest...he has too many 'favorites' and plays them accordingly, not always in the best interest of the team. He will probably still stay on again in 2007.

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    i've got by no potential heard of the two franchise having backside of the barrel followers, even though it is assume to intend. we don't care concerning to the Cubs popularity, the only reason the Cubs are standard is because of the ballpark they play in and the undeniable fact that they've been uncovered to the country by WGN. the two the White Sox and Cardinals have gained the international sequence at the instant, the Cubs have not even come close. Cardinals followers are between the superb followers interior the activity, and no person is jealous of the Cubs. additionally it rather is lots extra valuable being a Sox fan than a Cubs fan.

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    i dont think the cards will make it to the play offs... this slump is just running for too long. even if they do, it'l be a short run for those guys. as for trades: their lineup looks pretty damn good... belliard isnt worth keeping around, neither is wilson, and i dont really think either of them want to stick around either. i wouldnt call for any major trades, rather call ups and adjustments. marquis needs to find his place or figure it out somewhere else. as for tony larussa, youre edging on blasphemy, he's without a doubt the best manager in the nl, probably in the majors... doesnt he have the most manager of the year awards? the red birds just have problems with crunch time, and thats that

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    they will miss the playoffs, and offseason trades they will get involved with a team deal with the Yankees and Reds. The Cards will get A-Rod, and the Yankees will get Adam Dunn, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, and the Reds will get crap from one of those teams.

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    I am pretty scared right now, they lost again tonight...the gotta stand up and kick some BREWER ***!

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    No there pitching has sucked un real.

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