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Okay I'm in my room and my 2 1/2 year old son starts screaming for me. When I went in his room he was standing on his bed pointing to the corner saying the blue girl, the blue girl won't go away. What the hell is he talking about? Has this ever happened to anyone. I'm kinda scared!

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    whoa, it is late at night and I am watching a very scary twilight zone episode and now you are freaking me out too!!!! blue girl, sounds like a ghost. you should do some research on your living quarters to see if there was anything going on in the past like people who died there. a blue girl .. seems to indicate a lack of oxygen ... like asphyxiation..aiee! i'm starting to freak myself out now with my overactive imagination! are you trying to get me not to sleep tonight?? I believe I live in a haunted house, but they are not evil ghosts, I often hear sounds and the power goes out, or the clocks blink and change time .. sometimes several light bulbs go out all at once without any explanation, like a ghost is passing through... whoa.... but I'm not scared of it, I haven't had anything happen to me during these visits. But your "blue girl".. that freaks me out!!!

    Ummm. I hate to freak you out even more but read this!!!

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    My daughter had "ai ais." She could even draw pictures of them. It started when we first moved away from a place where a crime was committed against our family; she would say she saw them in the window at night and they were coming in the room to get her. Later, they became her "friends" and she didn't scream about them anymore. She's a creative person with a big imagination who likes to tell stories, so we're not worried anymore about it.

    I think maybe your son is having some kind of night terror and is remembering a scary figure from a bad dream. All kids do this at some point; some have it terrorizing them longer than others, but it can be worked through by loving parents who don't yell that there is no such thing, etc.

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    I had the same experience with both of my children. Does he have a fever? Fevers can cause hallucinations. I did the same thing to my mom when I was little and sick. He may have had a bad dream. Let him sleep with you and I guarantee that if it is a fever and you don't treat it he will scream again. My daughter screamed and even when my fiance' and I tried to hold her and comfort her, she continued until the Tylenol kicked in. I hope that's all it is. And don't worry about the idiots who responded with stupid stuff to say and no answers. it's amazing how people have opinions about everything but don't know Sh**. Any way hope I helped some.

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    Well Nattie, you need to talk to your son and ask him does this girl in blue are light's up in blue. Talk to him and how often does she come to him cause it could just be his guardian angle or his guide no reason to be scared if she is not doing no harm to him also it could be a young girl that past there are lost her way to the light and just ask your son to ask her what her name is.Also if she tells him just tell her to leave go to the light and say this is not your home nomore and that she should go but in a nice matter .But that if she stay's she is to not show herself to your son so he wont get scared it does not mean move out or that your son needs help just children happen to see more of that past life then adults can are he is just blessed sweety if you don't believe then just ask Silvia Brown she come's on Montel every Wednesday or buy her book's it should answer your question's you want answered.

    yours truly


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dam if you are looking for attention. you sure picked an odd way to get it. you asked this question two weeks ago, and here you are again. What are you looking for us to say? Do you want us to say your house in haunted. or your child has special powers?

    Have you been tested lately for meth? are you on drugs and drinking heavily. if you were that worried about this, you would not be on here. but then no one else will listen to your bizzar storry.

    You are making all of this up to get attention and you are using your own child in your game. That is really sad. You ask what the hell is he talking about. Well i can ask you the same. You asked this same question two weeks ago, and her you are again. You need help lady..... go sign yourself into a nut house.... i am scared for you kid, that it has such a fruit cake for a mother.

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    Children can see others on the other side and spirits that we can't see. You can choose to believe this or not, I'm just telling you how to fix it. Take your son into his room and say " Little girl, you are scaring my son. I don't know what you want, but please go away. I don't want you to scare him anymore. " Ask your son if the girl was nice or mean. If she was mean you also tell the girl, "You are dead, please you need to go to the light so you can be on the other side. YOU ARE DEAD" This should take care of it. And yes, this has happened to me and my daughter as well, this is what we did and it worked. My daughter also sees the spirit of my mother who died before she was born. But she likes her. Now that she's older she calls her angel grandma.

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    Wow. It could be just a dream.....but then again.......

    I had several experiences when I was a little kid that really scared the hell out of me, but the adults wouldn't take it seriously. Your son is fortunate to have a mother like you. You might have to read up on the paranormal. Sorry I don't have any better suggestions.

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    Are you sure he said "blue girl"? Stay calm and ask him what it looked like. If he says "a blue girl" ask him to draw a picture. Chances are this is a mispronounciation. Could have been a blue bird- they fly and attack their reflections in the window and have scared my daughter before. He's not phychic- relax.

    Source(s): Mom of 3 year-old
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    You asked this question before, like 2 weeks ago.

    I answered it.

    How often can this happen? It sounds like you're making it up. Think of a more original question next time.

  • Teach him how to say "In the Name of Jesus" that's what I'm trying to teach my daughter to say. Tell him that if he says this to her it'll go away. Sounds funny but I would always tell my little brother to bo that because he said that someone would call him into the closet at night and it actually helped him. It gave him peace. There's power in the name of Jesus!

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