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Girls only unless guys like talking about tampons...?

Pads or Tampons?

Which are more comfortable?

I am scared to try tamps but I hate the feeling of pads?

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    Why only limit yourself to tampons or pads when there are so many options?

    Commercial tampons

    Organic tampons

    Soft tampons

    Sponge tampons

    Homemade tampons


    Commercial pads

    Organic pads

    Cloth pads

    Homemade pads

    Padded panties

    Period blanket

    Toilet paper

    Silicone bell-shaped menstrual cups

    Rubber bell-shaped menstrual cups

    Diaphragms as menstrual cups

    Homemade menstrual cups



    Free-flow layering

    Free-flow instinctive


    Comfort all comes down to personal preference, when talking purely about commercial options it is six and two threes. Tampons are of course uncomfortable in that they contribute to menstrual cramps, cause vaginal splitting, higher risk of infection and cause friction/irritation. Commercial pads are made from synthetics so don't allow for aeration so you get sweaty as well as skin irritation from the chemicals and rough materials rubbing against your skin. Organic pads are slightly better as they are made from natural materials and don't contain chemicals, however cloth or homemade pads go further in comfort because they are most commonly made from very soft cotton material that is even softer than your underwear.

    I personally choose to use a Mooncup – – which is a silicone bell-shaped menstrual cup, I've been using one for four years now. I previously used commercial tampons and commercial pads, but have tried most menstrual products and found menstrual cups by far superior.

    Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours, they are safe in fact the only safe internal menstrual option, they don't leak like tampons do, they cannot be felt at all, they can be sterilized, they are far more hygienic than other products, you can put them in before your period is due, you can wear for sports like swimming, they are totally internal with nothing showing on the outside, you can wear them to bed, they don't contribute to cramping or heavy menstrual flow, they are body-positive, they are environmentally friendly, they are very convenient, they are very easy to use, they are cheap, and a lot of other positive points.

    You can learn more about menstrual cups at the following links;

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    Tampons are SO much better. Tampax pearl is the one I like. Easy to use too. The first couple tries will feel weird and not quite right but then after a few tries you'll just know when it is in right because it will feel so right. You won't even feel that it is there but just make sure you remember to change it at least every 4-8 hours depending on flow. Be sure to wear a thin pantiliner with a tampon for insurance. Pantiliners are barely noticeable and are comfortable so it not bad.

    Only time I opt for pads if maybe at night especially if I know I will be asleep a long time! lol.

    Be sure to relax though, that is key. Good Luck.

  • I really prefer tampons. They're not scary once you start either. On my heavy days i'll wear a pad, but if you can do tampons, it's much easier. You just have to relax when you insert them and make sure you change it every 4-6 hours. If you're having trouble inserting them, there are suggestions in the instructions which are really helpful, or you can buy a personal lubricant, which really helps the first couple of times. Once you've done it once or twice you won't need it.

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    I usually prefer to use a pad (though a thin pad... I love Always). This is because I don't usually feel like fiddling with the nether regions to insert a tampon, especially since inevitably some blood will get on my fingers. However, I do acknowledge how convenient tampons could be... for instance when you're going to the beach, or whatever... They don't hurt, and once they're inserted properly, you don't feel them at all, except when you sneeze, and sometimes you'd feel it move.

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    Well, my personal preference is tampons, and I wear a panty liner just in case. Pads can be very bulky, uncomfortable, and cause you to be self conscience, but my mom uses them only. It is a matter of personal opinion. With a tampon, if you have put it in correctly, you barely can tell it's there. Be sure to change them frequently, and use the smallest size that can handle the job. The absorbency is based on how heavy your flow is. Try a variety pack, so you have different absorbencies to choose from, also I prefer plastic applicator to the cardboard.

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    tampons all the way! i don't even feel it when i wear a tampon. when i used to wear pads, it felt like a diaper or something. i haven't worn a pad in 10 years (i'm it when i was 11). if you are just starting out using a tampon, make sure you get one with an applicator, and try using "slim" ones first, towards the end of your period. don't get nervous or tense when putting it in, and try standing with one leg on the toilet when you insert it. honestly, once you use tampons, you won't go back to pads! good luck!

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    Try "Instead" feminine protection cup. It takes a little bit of practice, but its wonderful. I have used it since it first came out and loved it after the first two or three days. If you want real explicit info on it, you can IM or email me. I no longer have that general achy feeling down there that you get with pads. And Tampons are not safe unless you are very disciplined and change them every two hours!!!!

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    If you insert a tampon correctly you shouldn't feel it at all. Much more comfortable than a bulky pad. But you should also wear a panty liner to prevent accidents.

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    its really a personal preference. But with tampons you shouldn't be able to notice they are there and you don't feel that wetness that you feel with pads.

    for a first-timer using tampons it might take a while to actually get it in. and it might be uncomfortable to take it out.

    don't forget to leave it in for only 4-6 hours if you do use tampons.

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    Once you have inserted the tampon properly you shouldn't even be able to feel it. Just follow the directions on the little peice of paper in the box, and you will be fine.

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