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What do You do if You buy a soprano saxophone and a soprano saxophone mouthpiece with your own money, and.....

You try Your best! And then Your dad says that You play bad. The worst. And You feel disappointed, and mad at him! You keep on practicing and practicing. I bought a new mouthpiece for $250. And he's like, it sucks !!!!!! "The old one was better" ( which is like $10 )

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    Are you playing for your dad or for yourself? Aside from that, there's a decent chance that he doesn't like the soprano sax. I used to play tenor, way back when, and I bought a nice mouthpiece and it sounded so much better and I wasn't that good. The other possibility is that he is just self centered and insecure. Keep playing.

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    I have to agree with the other answerer. Do it for yourself. You enjoy it? Keep it up!

    As for the mouthpiece....

    1) All mouthpieces ake a while to get used to

    2) An expensive mouthpiece doesn't always mean a better sound

    3) $250 is a LOT for a mouthpiece. If the old one sounds better...USE it!

    I play the flute... (and no, I'm not some young kid...I'm an adult- and a former band director). My flute is UGLY! It's old and tarnished...but I would NEVER trade it because the sound is incredible.

    Keep playing! It makes you happy...I can tell. As for your dad... sheeesh... ignore him. Dads can be that dad was.

    Eventually you are on your own doing what you want anyway. And the WORST thing ever is to regret having quit something you loved to make someone ELSE happy (who didn't matter in the first place). Regret is forever.

    Be happy instead!

    And... stick with mid-ranged priced mouthpieces.

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