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Why Won't African Americans and Hispanics, and other minorities assimilate into American culture?

I'm not in anyway trying to be racist,prejudice or biased, this question was proposed in my sociology class, race and ethnicity in america

i'm also curious because some african americans let's face it come up with some pretty extreme names for their children, and use slang to get a greater majority of their points across, and don't annuciate their words correctly. Some Hispanics have neighborhoods that look likes they're in mexico but we're still in america?

i'm just curious as to your thoughts on these "negative stereotypes"

that people assume about other's races'.


I"M NOT A WEIRDO, that being said i love all of your feedback

keep in mind that a greater majority of what i typed was from my sociology book♥

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    African american and hispanic is part of the american culture! When you're talking about "assimilation" you're asking : Why don't they talk white, sound white, act white, think white.... It's just a different culture, with its own richness, variety and style. I believe that every american should at least master the english language properly and I know that most blacks can but slang and ebonics is part of their culture. Anyway, american english evolved somewhat differently than british english because of many cultures living together, using different slang. That's the beauty of America! We shouldn't all try to be uniform and conform to one idea of what the american culture should be about. We are all different, no better or worse, but our diversity is our strenght. We should embrace it rather than fight it.

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    The African american style is american style technically because their extreme names arent from africa, they are just really creative, and lets remember, they were forced here against their will and their sense of identity was one of the few things that werent enslaved, and thats been kept all the way up to today. as for the mexicans, i have no idea why they dont assimilate but i can tell you where i go to school, most all hang out at this one wall and dont even try to make friends outside of it (and i dont live in suburban vermont or anything) i live in phoenix and in a few years the white people will be the minority at my school.

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    This is like saying, why can't a man enter a marriage and stop being a man. Why can't someone be an American without giving up their identity? When I see an African American expressing their heritage, I look at it as an opportunity to experience their culture. I give thanks for the variety of my fellow man that God has given me.

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    Methinks you take the sociology book at face value and do not read between the lines....

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    its very possible that they dont assimilate for the same reasons that spainards and whites that traveled here 500 yrs plus couldnt grasp how to liveamong the naives here,, read your history book before being a weirdo

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    Because America is not the Borg.

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    Personally, I think it's just a matter of being uneducated or not putting their educations into practice.

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    for your info, mexico is also a part of america, what you mean is no a part of the U.S.

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