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I started my assoc in military science will this help me in the army?

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    It will help you by giving you promotion points toward E-5 and E-6 for each semester hour earned. Keep up your schoolwork, and with at least 90 semester hours, and being within a year of graduation for a Bachelor's, you could be eligible for OCS.

    Even if that is not an issue for you, you will be able to grasp concepts that will give you a "big picture" look behind the reasons why the military does things the way it does. It can be valuable in real world situations.

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    I believe that if you are in your second year of you bachelor degree you can join the army as an officer... it's called ROTC... and you'd be making A LOT more money with that degree than you would have joining as a private. I believe that's how it works for the Air Force anyways. My brother is in his first year to get his bachelor's degree and he leaves in January for the Army National Guard... he's still waiting to see if he can do officer training or if he's just shy a year.

    Source(s): My husband is in the Air Force so I catch wind of this and that.
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    Maybe convince you that running around in the hot desert sand while getting shot at without body armor on, because a bunch of slimy politicians don't give a rats azz about you , is not a scientifically good thing to sign up for for $24,000 a year when Wilmart will get you a splinter and $ 26,000 and home on the weekends, please think it over.

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    Not sure what an associates degree will get you, maybe an extra stripe. You can't get a commission with an associates. It's bachelors or better.

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    it will only help if your going to be an officer, and only because u need a degree to do that

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